10 Plant-Based mostly Waffle Recipes That Will Sweeten Up Your Morning


Waffles are a great way to start any morning! They’re hearty, tasty, and can be topped off with so many delicious foods! Even if you’re more of a pancake than a waffle, you are definitely going to love these recipes! They are light, fluffy and super tasty! The perfect meal to start your weekend!

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1. Baileys waffles with whipped cream

Source: Bailey’s Waffles with Whipped Cream

Vegan, because Bailey’s are homemade and gluten-free, because the waffles are made from a delicious mix of chestnut and rice flour. Chestnut flour contributes with a mild and delicious nutmeg-like taste, while the rice flour gives the waffles fluffiness. You will love these Bailey’s waffles with whipped cream from Maria Engbjerg!

2. Peanut butter waffle sandwich

Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich

Source: Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich

This peanut butter waffle sandwich from Vicky Coates is a great low carb breakfast that will keep you full until lunch due to the combination of fat and protein. And it’s so delicious!

3. Chocolate brownie waffles

Chocolate brownie waffles

Source: Chocolate Brownie Waffles

These vegan chocolate brownie waffles from Amanda Froelich are something extraordinary! They are easy to prepare, oh so delicious, and can be topped with any of your favorite waffle toppings. They will be a hit with your family on Sunday morning! Make sure you give them a try!

4. Chocolate hazelnut waffles

Chocolate hazelnut waffles

Source: Chocolate Hazelnut Waffles

What better way to start a weekend morning or any other morning than with warm, fluffy chocolate and hazelnut waffles from Heather Larson? Top them with nut butter, maple syrup, berries, and an extra dash of melted chocolate for the ultimate vegan breakfast. This recipe could easily be made gluten free too if that’s your thing too! These chocolate and hazelnut waffles are pretty easy to make and can really make your mornings better. They could even help you get up before the alarm goes off (but without a promise)!

5. Summer Stone Fruit Waffles

Summer stone fruit waffles

Source: Summer Stone Fruit Waffles

Sweet Summer Stone Fruit Waffles by Jessica Bose. They will be the perfect way to start the day!

6. Eggnog waffles

Eggnog waffles

Source: Eggnog Waffles

These Amy Lyons eggnog waffles are the most delicious waffles you will ever have! Aquafaba makes these waffles light and fluffy inside, while homemade egg-free nog makes them sweet, flavorful, and seasonal!

7. Chocolate waffles

Chocolate waffles

Source: Chocolate Wafers

These chocolate wafers by Lena Novak are the simplest of delicacies, plus they’re full of healthy nutrients and cleverly sugar-free. The waffles themselves are actually completely sugar-free if you use a sugar-free sweetener! On the other hand, for those of you ready to indulge yourself, go ahead and add in some vegan ice cream or even some vegan whipped cream!

8. Classic waffles


Source: Classic Waffles

Fresh, warm, crispy and fluffy, you can’t go wrong with these eggless Classic Waffles from Natasha Minocha! You won’t believe how fast they are producing either!

9. Autumn waffles with pear mille feuille

Vegan autumn waffles with pear mille feuille

Source: Autumn waffles with pear mille feuille

These autumn waffles with pear mille feuille by Lena Novak make a wonderfully festive and filling breakfast!

10. Chocolate zucchini waffles

Chocolate zucchini waffles

Source: Chocolate Zucchini Waffles

Shredded zucchini are tucked away in these fluffy chocolate zucchini waffles from Kat Condon! These waffles are rich in chocolate flavor and are made without dairy, eggs, or gluten.

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Vegan chicken and waffles

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