12 Savory Vegan Recipes For Your Subsequent Barbecue


It’s finally barbecue weather! The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, everyone is looking forward to going outside. If you are planning your next barbecue evening or are preparing to partake in another one, we have the perfect recipes for you! These hearty vegan grill recipes are loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. They are full of flavor and perfect for enjoying the outdoors with loved ones.

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1. Sweet potato chilli with pan of corn bread

Source: Sweet Potato Chili with Pan of Corn Bread

There’s nothing like a good, hearty bowl of chili and a thick slice of cornbread. It is pure comfort food and soul nourishment! Taking a healthier approach to this standard combo, this vegan four-bean chili uses sprouted legumes to improve digestibility and a warming mix of savory and sweet spices. You have to try Claire Ragozzino’s sweet potato chili with stir-fry cornbread!

2. Grilled cauliflower steaks with harissa butter

Harissa Butter Grilled Cauliflower Steaks

Source: Harissa Butter Grilled Cauliflower Steaks

The main flavor for Megan Calipari’s harissa butter grilled cauliflower steaks is – you guessed it – harissa. Harissa is a North African hot chili paste. It also contains other spices and garlic, which makes it really fragrant. So it’s the perfect thing to add flavor to cauliflower steaks – which need a lot of seasoning.

3. Increased Sonoran Hot Dog Tacos

increased hot dogs

Source: Elevated Sonoran Hot Dog Tacos

With this traditional New Mexico taco you can suppress any secret cravings for fluffy, already yeasty hot dog buns. These dogs are often served at small food stalls or carts with a grilled jalapeño on the side. Studies have shown an exponential increase in happiness levels after consuming these Wes Allison Elevated Sonoran Hot Dog Tacos, especially when supplemented with a beergarita.

4. Grilled potato salad

Grilled fingerling potato salad

Source: Grilled Fingerling Potato Salad

This grilled fingerling potato salad by Nita Ragoonanan is full of flavor! Perfectly grilled and tossed with a well-seasoned dressing, potatoes receive a five-star treatment in this recipe. It’s perfect for barbecues and barbecues, as well as in case a bunch of potatoes start to sprout and you want to use them up soon. This little potato salad is definitely going to hit the mark and is pretty easy to make. Try it!

5. Grilled zucchini sandwiches with spinach pesto

Grilled zucchini sandwiches with spinach pesto

Source: Grilled Zucchini Sandwiches with Spinach Pesto

These grilled zucchini sandwiches with spinach pesto from Robin Browne are smoky, zesty, and laden with garden-fresh vegetables. The vegan spinach pesto is a must.

6. Rainbow Tofu Kebabs

Tofu kebabs

Source: Rainbow Tofu Kebabs

Kebabs aren’t just great for outdoor summer barbecues. They’re always a sticky meal to cook in the oven, rain or shine! Serve these Rainbow Tofu Kebabs by Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn on a bed of fluffy rice, but you can slide the tofu and vegetables off the skewers and serve them on a salad or put in a pita.

7. Barbecue ribs

Grill ribs'

Source: Barbecue ‘Ribs’

These barbecue ribs by Yana Christyakova are an ingenious work. As a combination of structured vegetable protein and vital wheat gluten, they perfectly match the taste and texture. They’re meaty, hearty, and absolutely fantastic when coated in the homemade barbecue sauce. One bite and they become one of your barbecue utensils.

8. Esquite con Crema (grilled corn and cream)

Sprinkle with cream

Source: Esquite con Crema (grilled corn and cream)

Maíz is an invention of our Mexican ancestors and one of the most culturally relevant ingredients, from which over 6 varieties and more than 500 types of seeds have emerged. Nothing compares to the slightly sweet and mostly savory taste of freshly grilled sweetcorn, especially when you add loads of crema and ground California chilli. We’re going to cut the cob and present it in family style or in cups – all in style! This delicious product for esquite con crema (grilled corn and cream) was reprinted by Jocelyn Ramirez, Page Street Publishing Co. 2020 with permission from La Vida Verde. Photo credit: Zohra Banon

9. Grill burger

Grill burger

Source: Grill Burger

This recipe is a great all-round recipe for a grilled veggie burger. Black beans and rice give a firmer hold and you can add a variety of spices to it. Discover the variety of interesting chilies – this burger prefers the ancho! Ancho is the dried version of a poblano pepper native to Mexico. It’s pretty mild in its heat and adds just enough spiciness to make it interesting. Slather with a sweet and smoky orange BBQ sauce and caramelized onions. You will love Nina Olsson’s vegan grill burger!

10. Zippy Vegan Coleslaw with Mango

Zippy Vegan Coleslaw with Mango

Source: Zippy Vegan Coleslaw with Mango

Denise Perrault’s Zippy Vegan Coleslaw with Mango is a refreshing mix of crispy cabbage and carrots, sweetly cut mango and an oil-free dressing that consists of two ingredients.

11. Greek pasta salad with tofu feta

Greek pasta salad with tofu feta

Source: Greek pasta salad with tofu feta

This Tofu Feta Greek Pasta Salad by Megan Calipari has all of your favorite elements of all the Greek salads I’ve had over the years: Kalamata olives, cucumber, tomatoes, roasted red pepper and feta. So marinated tofu feta. It might sound strange to eat tofu raw, but when marinated this way it tastes remarkably similar to feta, so give it a try.

12. Baked beans

baked beans

Source: Baked Beans

These baked beans by Hannah Sunderani are the perfect mix of savory and sweet, smoky flavored and calming! Really, you will never buy baked beans out of a can again. Once you try the baked beans from scratch, there is no going back.

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Vegan BBQ lentil meatballs in the pan

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