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Let’s face it, Los Angeles isn’t known for its cookie scene, but BAKE SOME NOISE found a way to turn this around. These perfectly sticky cookies sell out in minutes on their website, serving around 1500 cookies in a typical week.

Weighing in at 3 ounces, these cookies will make just enough of a craving for another (or five). A brick and mortar store is in the works, but in the meantime, these handcrafted goodies can be found at their pop-up shop in Chinatown, LA, or locally picked up / delivered.

Available in three different flavors, they’re perfect for your next picnic, beach day, or just a guilty treat at home.

Get a little tipsy with Sipsy this summer! Sipsy is a leading LA liquor delivery service that will bring you all of your favorite beverages in just 30 minutes.

The best part is that the service is always toll free! They have a huge selection of wine, beer, liquor, selters, snacks and vapes and all at prices you won’t find on any other platform. They even offer cocktail packs so you can make your own bar-worthy bougie cocktail at home. No need to leave your pool party or grill to replenish your drinks. Order from Sipsy and they’ll deliver (even by the pool).

Sipsy is a local, women-owned company in LA with the friendliest staff. We will drink to it! They’re quickly expanding their service area to add a little sipsy to the rest of LA.

Stay hydrated and healthy on hot summer days with Mori Leaf. Mori Leaf was founded by women and brewed in small quantities. It’s the premier moringa iced tea based here in Los Angeles.

The most nutritious superfood you’ve never heard of, moringa is packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The organic and sustainably sourced Moringa leaves from Mori Leaf help to naturally increase the body’s energy level without causing a nervous caffeine crash. A mori leaf iced tea is rich in vitamin C, iron and vegetable protein and the perfect drink for a hot summer day. At the same time it strengthens your immune system.

Try a variety of refreshing flavors including peach, mint, and lemon moringa.

Soak up the sun while staying protected with Line in the Sand’s new approach to swimwear that enables women to get active, stay safe in the sun, and take a stand to help protect our oceans and fight cancer.

The swimming gaiters and tops with SPF 50+ are made from high quality Italian recycled fabric made from discarded fishing nets and other recovered waste.

Made for real people by fair paid people, Line in the Sand’s Waterwear was designed, designed and built in the USA to ensure quality and fair manufacturing practices. All of their products are offered for the common good, with 100% of the profits donated to ocean and cancer organizations.

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If you are planning a beach trip this summer, the ballast pillow is a product to bring with you.

The ballast pillow is the only inflatable pillow built for the beach. It’s light as a feather, but can withstand the strongest sea breezes. The curved contour and soft, padded top provide luxurious comfort – much better than a balled towel! The specially developed cooling gel pack is also perfect for cooling down on hot summer days. Store the gel pack on ice until it’s nice and cold, then slide it into the ballast cushion cover that positions the cold pack along the base of the neck for maximum cooling relief.

This beach pillow is also the perfect travel pillow as it empties into a small, built-in tote bag that you can easily put in your beach bag, backpack or suitcase.

Sun, chlorine, and salt water can destroy your hair and leave your strands dry, dull, and brittle after too much fun in the sun.

One of the best ways to protect your hair after the pool or beach is to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like the Dr. 14 LAPCOS Vital Care Shampoo for showering and washing. This nourishing hair and scalp treatment has been tested by dermatologists and has been clinically proven to exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize, volumize, smooth and thicken hair.

LAPCOS ‘Dr. 14 was formulated without 14 toxic ingredients commonly found in hair care products such as parabens and silicone. Instead, it contains 14 active ingredients that provide the scalp, the basis for beautiful, healthy hair, with essential nutrition. The biotin-infused formula is scientifically proven to thicken and stimulate hair growth – perfect for adding a little extra DC to sun-soaked hair.

In addition, Dr. 14 no artificial fragrances, which makes it perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.

The Ahi Tuna Jerky Strips from Pescavore are just the thing for the perfect, healthy summer snack.

Caught and landed on site in San Pedro, Pescavore begins using the highest quality, responsibly caught ahi tuna to make its handcrafted jerk. With premium marinades and whole cuts, they then apply the centuries-old tradition of natural wood smoking. Pescavore’s small batch process creates a delicious tuna that’s full of flavor, texture, protein and nutrients, and has less salt and sugar than traditional jerk.
These keto- and paleo-friendly snacks come in three artisanal flavors: Caribbean Jerk, Smokey Pokey, and Island Teriyaki. They’re perfect on their own or are a tempting addition to your favorite recipe (check out the website for ideas).

Catch these one-of-a-kind snacks at select 7-Eleven stores in Southern California or hook up a 3-pack sampler at pescavoreseafood.com.

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Nothing says more about summer than a bottle of French rosé or chilled bubbles to share with friends.

Passionate about wine and travel, the American Tawnya Falkner gave up her career as a real estate developer, made the leap and moved to France to create sophisticated wines that offer the feeling of luxury at an exceptional price.

Le Grand Courtâge is “the big advertisement” between old and new world styles and is about a meaningful connection and a common laugh. The wines are crisp, light and refreshing with baby bubbles and a hint of fruit and flowers in the finish.

Très Chic Rosé is a sip of the south of France, a haven to the lavender fields, coastal vineyards and Mediterranean beaches. It is a state of mind that is youthful, fresh, and avant-garde.

These luxurious sparkling wines were created to embody the French spirit of ‘Enjoyment of life’ and remind people to uplift and celebrate everyday life, and live joyfully.

Entertaining and varied summer pairings are: barbecues, roast chicken, devil’s eggs, hearty starters or shellfish. Of course, a fresh baguette and a cheese platter always go well together!

Sisters Azra and Amra Hajdarevic have developed a passion for healthy and sustainable living and developed and designed a safe and luxurious line of award-winning oral care products.

The California-based collection from Terra & Co is deliberately packaged and always delivered with a view to Mother Earth without plastic. They have made it a life’s mission to help others in need by volunteering their time and resources to support causes such as low-income and homeless women in the city of Los Angeles. The sisters also organize beach clean-ups and collect other clean brands to network and do something good in the process.

Take care of your oral health and your city this summer with Terra & Co’s full line of plant-based oral care products that are science backed in environmentally friendly packaging.

Receive a 40% discount on toothpaste until the end of May!

Relax and restore your body and mind this summer with TerraVita.

TerraVita, based in Southern California, combines potent herbal ingredients with the highest quality Broad Spectrum CBD for their unique collection of supercharged, benefit-specific wellness products. Their range combines stress-relieving adaptogens, supportive herbs, functional mushrooms, and soothing essential oils with CBD to combat everything from pain, lack of energy and focus, stress and anxiety, exercise recovery, wellness and vitality, insomnia and troubled sleep.

With its no-obligation subscriptions and a wide range of products from tinctures and capsules to skin care and bath products, TerraVita makes it easy to achieve a balance between body and mind.

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Are you looking for that one piece that you live in all summer and that you will take with you on every trip?

Bali Prema, which means unconditional spiritual female love, is a Santa Monica-based, women-founded and operated lifestyle, everyday resort brand that empowers women to fall in love with the comfort and effortless beauty of these exotic statement pieces while enhancing their inner self Discover the Goddess and commit yourself to efforts to support women and children here and in Bali.

These romantic, travel-inspired tropical boho island styles are incredibly versatile and offer many solutions for women of all ages and sizes. The best-selling Gypsy jumpsuit can be styled and converted into clothing in dozens of ways! The Bali Prema print collection is inspired by nature and uses contemporary and traditional Bali dyeing techniques. Their pieces come in the softest rayons that drape like water and float against your body like air, making them the perfect cover-up for your next beach day.

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Ready to feel fresh after a few drinks? Plant-powered No Days Wasted is here to maximize all moments in life this summer.

DHM Detox is the vitamin when you drink – it helps with liver support, flushes out toxins, and helps you get back on your feet the next day after you drink. The best part? It consists of a natural herbal blend of antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes. Just grab a packet after your first few drinks and join the 50,000+ people who experience No Days Wasted.

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