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The benefits of aromatherapy have been used for centuries, but the recent resurgence in healing practice has introduced a new generation of wellness enthusiasts into its restorative effects on the mind, body and spirit. As essential oils become one of the most popular aromatherapy treatments, many have searched for the best essential oil diffusers to take advantage of their soothing, uplifting, rejuvenating, and relaxing properties.

Diffusers are designed to cover your space with the healing scent of your favorite essential oils. They create a calming environment that promotes the general well-being of your mind and body. When looking for the best essential oil diffusers, narrowing down your search by size and duration can help you find the perfect model that fits your needs. Most aromatherapy diffusers offer multiple spray settings to ensure your essential oils are distributed for as long as you need them. Others also offer multifunctional designs that come with LED lights that allow them to reap the healing benefits of light therapy while also acting as decorative night lights when not in use.

Below are the best essential oil diffusers that complement various aromatherapy needs and home cultures with their powerful, ornate designs.

1. Campo Ultrasonic Natural Wood Diffuser

The Campo Ultrasonic Natural Wood Diffuser is available in three elegant colors and has two fog settings to suit your mood. The non-stop mode provides three hours of uninterrupted fog, while the intermittent mode provides four to five hours of operating time.

Campo ultrasonic natural wood diffuser

$ 97

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2. Sandblasted glass ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser

The ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser made of sandblasted glass impresses with its elegance and hand-blown glass. It quietly disperses essential oils into the air for up to 10 hours. This premium diffuser also has a timer and night light for added convenience.

sharper image, best diffusers for essential oils

Sandblasted Glass Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

$ 70

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June 3rd & May Diffuser for essential oils

June & May’s essential oil diffuser takes its inspiration from Moroccan design and uses whisper-quiet operation and color-changing LED lights to create a soothing ambience throughout your home.

June and May, best essential oil diffusers

Diffuser for essential oils in June and May

$ 46

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4. Hey Dewy portable facial humidifier

The Hey Dewy portable facial humidifier is perfect for aromatherapy on the go and uses ultrasonic wave technology for quiet and efficient control of the cool mist. Not only does it act as a convenient vessel for accessing your favorite essential oils, but it also helps you keep skin moist and glowing. When not in use, this portable diffuser can also be used as a night light.

Hey wet, best essential oil diffusers

Hey Dewy portable facial humidifier

$ 39

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5. Vitruvi stone diffuser

The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is available in four sophisticated colors that complement every living aesthetic. It is powered by ultrasonic vibrations to create a quiet mist that is evenly distributed in your room. With two timer settings, you can create a customizable experience by choosing between a continuous setting for three hours or an interval of seven hours, depending on your preference.

Vitruvi, the best diffusers for essential oils

Vitruvi stone diffuser

$ 100

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6. Greenair Spamister marble diffuser with essential oils

The Greenair Spamister marble diffuser made of essential oils channels the calm of natural stone and is made of hand-blown glass. A strong fog is created using ultrasound technology. The marble design and classic vase construction make it the perfect accent for any room in your home.

Spamister, best essential oil diffusers

Greenair Spamister marble diffuser with essential oils

$ 40

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7. Serene House Ranger essential oil diffuser

Add a touch of color to your space with the Serene House Ranger essential oil diffuser, which is compact and durable in construction. With a USB connection, choose between an uninterrupted run time of three hours or an intermittent run time of six hours.

quiet house, best diffusers for essential oils

Serene House Ranger Diffuser with Essential Oils

$ 25

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8. InnoGear diffuser for essential oils

The InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for small and medium-sized rooms and distributes a pleasant stream of mist at room temperature for up to eight hours. With two fog settings, a night light and an automatic shut-off function, you can choose between three nature-inspired colors to suit your room.

innogear, the best diffusers for essential oils

InnoGear diffuser for essential oils

$ 20

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9. Pure Daily Care Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser

With a capacity of 300 ml and the latest wave diffusion technology, the Pure Daily Care Ultimate aromatherapy diffuser atomizes essential oils to promote optimal well-being. This Amazon preferred diffuser offers not only two fog settings, but also seven LED light settings, a handy automatic shut-off function that is activated when the water level is low and contains 10 essential oils.

pure daily care, the best diffusers for essential oils

Pure Daily Care Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser

$ 40

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10. Anjou Diffuser for essential oils

The Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser is equipped with a patented oil flow system and delivers a gentle yet powerful mist to create a long-lasting aroma. You’ll be quiet and enjoy the noise-canceling technology of this virtually silent diffuser that prevents water droplets and provides up to eight hours of operation.

Anjou, the best diffusers for essential oils

Anjou diffuser for essential oils

$ 25

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11. Earnest Living Diffuser with Essential Oils

The Earnest Living Essential Oils Diffuser is an advanced ultrasonic diffuser with four timers that creates a unique and soothing atmosphere. This decorative diffuser, which functions as a night light with its seven light settings, also has a waterless automatic switch-off function and a quiet mist diffuser.

seriously living, best essential oil diffusers

Earnest Living Diffuser with Essential Oils

$ 30

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12th PureGlow Crystal Diffuser with pure enrichment

The Pure Enrichment PureGlow Crystal Diffuser combines the wellness benefits of aromatherapy and light therapy and is a two-in-one salt lamp and diffuser with essential oils designed to promote general mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. This versatile diffuser salt lamp offers an operating time of up to 16 hours and increases your mood with its different light settings. At the same time, you can take advantage of your favorite essential oils and their deionizing salt crystals.

pure enrichment, best diffusers for essential oils

PureGlow Crystal Diffuser with pure enrichment

$ 60

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13. Objecto W2 aroma diffuser

The Object W2 Aroma Diffuser was developed to release enveloping aromas and gives your home a touch of modernity and elegance with its fine wood construction. Offering four hours of uninterrupted run time, world-class ultrasonic technology and automatic shutdown protection, this powerful diffuser is durable and does not take up space.

objecto, the best diffusers for essential oils

Objecto W2 aroma diffuser

$ 70

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14. SpaRoom Mysto diffuser for essential oils

The SpaRoom Mysto Essential Oil Diffuser has a trend-inspired marble cover and mesh details and offers up to 10 hours of intermittent humidification. With two fog settings, three lighting settings and an automatic safety switch-off, this aesthetically pleasing diffuser successfully promotes an environment of calm and tranquility.

Sparoom, the best diffusers for essential oils

Diffuser for essential oils from SpaRoom Mysto

$ 39

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