15 Plant-Primarily based Chocolate Strawberry Recipes to Get pleasure from on Valentine’s Day


Chocolate and strawberries are an iconic duo! The flavors complement each other so well and go well with so many different types of foods. You can enjoy this classic combo all year round, but it’s especially festive for Valentine’s Day! You could go the classic route of giving your sweetheart a box of chocolate-coated strawberries, but it’s also fun to mess things up a little! If you’re spending the day alone, make yourself a vegan chocolate and strawberry treat! It’s a great way to show yourself some love!

Check out these 15 vegan chocolate and strawberry recipes! They are so delicious and perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone or with someone you love!

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1. Strawberry Cream Truffle

Source: Strawberry Cream Truffle

The strawberry filling in these chocolate coated truffles melts in your mouth. How divine! You have to try Melissa King’s Strawberry Cream Truffle!

2. No-bake chocolate-coated strawberry cake

Vegan, grain-free, chocolate-coated, no-bake strawberry cake

Source: No-bake chocolate-coated strawberry cake

This delicious no-bake chocolate-covered strawberry cake by Fabio Gallo is the perfect no-bake summer dessert. A rich and creamy strawberry mousse filling between a delicious almond chocolate cake crust and a rich chocolate layer. Yes, please!

3. Chocolate and strawberry galette

Chocolate and strawberry galette

Source: Chocolate Strawberry Galette

Chocolate and strawberries go so well together. A match in heaven! This Hayley Canning Chocolate Strawberry Galette is so delicious and healthy!

4. Vegan magnum ice cream with chocolate and strawberry

Vegan magnum ice cream with chocolate and strawberry

Source: Vegan Magnum Ice Cream with Chocolate and Strawberry

This vegan magnum ice cream with chocolate and strawberry by Stefani Weiss is super chocolaty, creamy, naturally sweetened, healthy, stomach-friendly and so delicious!

5. Chocolate Strawberry Scones

Chocolate strawberry scones

Source: Chocolate Strawberry Scones

Chocolate and strawberry are such a classic combination! In this recipe, chocolate and strawberries combine these healthy, gluten-free, vegan chocolate and strawberry scones from Hayley Canning! These look pretty fancy, but it only takes one bowl and 8 simple ingredients to make these healthy chocolate and strawberry scones. Chocolatey and filled with strawberries, they are ready in just 30 minutes!

6. Nutty Dark Chocolate Strawberry Chia Cheesecake

Nutty Dark Chocolate Strawberry Chia Cheesecake [Vegan, Raw, Grain-Free]

Source: Nutty Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Chia Cheesecake

This nutty chia cheesecake made from dark chocolate and strawberry by Maria Koutsogiannis is made without sugar, without dairy products and without artificial sweeteners – just from the sweetness of the dates. It gets its crispy bite from almonds and walnuts. Cashew nuts are the basis of this silky cheesecake and of course it also has tons of chocolate for all of you with a sweet tooth out there. To make it even better, there’s a layer of homemade strawberry chia jam spread on top.

7. Strawberry Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Muffins

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Muffins

Source: Strawberry Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Muffins

These gluten-free buckwheat muffins with strawberry chocolate chips from Christina Bedetta are so easy to make! Just mix it up, pour the batter into a muffin pan, and bake! As simple as that! This recipe is very healthy too. It’s made from buckwheat and oat flour for a gluten-free base and is flavored with strawberries and dark chocolate chips, which is always a winning combination. These gluten-free strawberry muffins are the perfect breakfast, snack, lunch, or dessert! They are so filling and good for you! Everyone you share them with will love you for it, but it might be difficult not to just keep them to yourself. Try making gluten-free strawberry muffins – you won’t regret it!

8. Pink and white chocolate dipped strawberries

pink white chocolate strawberries with sprinkles

Source: Pink and White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Hayley Canning’s Strawberries with Pink and White Chocolate are so easy to make, decadent, but still healthier! The process is pretty straightforward, melt the chocolate ingredients, dip the strawberries and let them set. Add sprinkles and toppings of your choice. You can decorate them to look as chic or simple as you like. The most important thing is that your strawberries are completely dry after washing. Another variant of the classic strawberry with a chocolate coating. These vegan white chocolate strawberries make a beautiful gift and the perfect snack to keep in the fridge / freezer when you’re craving something sweet.

9. Strawberry Pistachio Chocolate Mousse Bars

Vegan strawberry-pistachio chocolate

Source: Strawberry Pistachio Chocolate Mousse Bars

Celebrate strawberries throughout the season with these raw strawberry pistachio chocolate mousse bars from Laura Peill. In this recipe, fresh strawberries and pistachios are tossed with maple syrup, placed on an energizing almond, date and maca base, and then wrapped in velvety, dark chocolate mousse. After a few hours in the refrigerator, the chocolate will firm enough to bite, but will still melt in your mouth.

10. Dark chocolate strawberry cake

Dark chocolate strawberry cake

Source: Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cake

If you love rich chocolate with strawberry notes, you will love this Strawberry Dark Chocolate Cake from Gabrielle St. Claire! Although this recipe seems to have many steps, it is actually straightforward and easy. The strawberry buttercream adds a lightness to the rich chocolate, and the dark chocolate ganache gives it a more aesthetic look as well as the burst of extra chocolate you crave.

11. 5-ingredient jumbo strawberries and cream cups

5-ingredient jumbo strawberries and cream cups

Source: 5-Ingredient Jumbo Strawberries and Cream Cups

These 5-ingredient jumbo strawberry and cream cups from Medha Swaminathan are like cupcake-sized butter cups. They come together in a flash and can be made with just three to five ingredients, depending on how fancy you want to be! Who doesn’t love a dessert that is quick, easy, tasty and doesn’t use up the entire pantry?

12. No-bake strawberry tart with white chocolate matcha glaze

No-bake strawberry tart with white chocolate and matcha icing

Source: No-bake strawberry tart with white chocolate matcha glaze

When strawberries are in season, make dessert! This simple no-bake cake has an almond crust, a topping of fresh strawberries, and a topping of white chocolate and matcha icing. It’s gluten-free, grain-free, and can be made paleo if you replace maple syrup with sugar. This crowd puller of a cake is therefore suitable for several allergies. You will love Kimberly Espinel’s no-bake strawberry tart with matcha white chocolate icing!

13. Chocolate Paleo Magic Cookie Bars with Strawberry

Chocolate Paleo Magic Cookie Bars with Strawberry

Source: Chocolate Paleo Magic Cookie Bars with Strawberry

These Strawberry Chocolate Paleo Magic Cookie Bars by Taylor Kiser are crunchy, crunchy, and full of magical flavors and nutrients. They combine silky smooth melted chocolate, deep, nutty hazelnuts, and fresh strawberries that make them absolutely delicious. Plus, they’re good for you, making them a total culinary victory.

14. Mini strawberry cheesecake

Mini strawberry cheesecake

Source: Mini Strawberry Cheesecake

These mini strawberry cheesecakes from Maya Sozer have the delicacy of a regular cheesecake, but come in a perfect size for when that sweet craving arises. A strawberry cashew cream mixture is placed on a crust of pecans and dates and then topped with decadent dark chocolate. Yum!

15. Strawberry and coconut truffle with a chocolate coating

Strawberry and coconut truffle with a chocolate coating

Source: Chocolate covered strawberry and coconut truffles

Nothing says “I love you” like a box of homemade truffles. These chocolate coated strawberry and coconut truffles from Holly Jade are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. They are an elegant combination of strawberries, coconut, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Plus, you can get creative with decorating to give them a special touch.

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Vegan gluten-free strawberry lemonade chocolate cheesecake

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