19 Finest Microwave Recipes — What to Cook dinner In a Microwave


Sometimes it happens: you need to prepare a meal and you don’t have access to a working stove or stove. Maybe you live in a strange Airbnb, or in a hotel – or you are in the middle of a kitchen remodeling and you don’t have all the appliances working yet. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with cardboard frozen meals or heating water for ready-made noodle soups. You can still cook completely from scratch! All you need is a microwave and those recipes. From breakfast to side dishes, from dinner to dessert, these nutritious and flavourful meals ensure that you and your family can eat – and eat well – even when you don’t have a stove.

Of course, if you have other work tools there are even more options. We have many ways to use your Instant Pot. If you have a top-notch air fryer, you can make delicious crispy chicken or pork chops in it, not to mention salmon or french fries. But you don’t need any of these to eat well. From a delicious salmon salad to a simple pea risotto, from a giant breakfast sandwich to a simple mac and cheese in a cup, these recipes are easy, quick, satisfying, and nutritious. Would you like something that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Try the peanut brittle or mint oreo rind. Do you want a simple breakfast? Check out the mason jar omelets. As long as you have a working microwave, we guarantee you won’t go hungry – and that you won’t have to make a living on takeaway food.