3- Ingredient Recipes: How To Make Agra Ka Petha, The Ketogenic Means


Petha is a popular sweet from India

You can’t go to Agra and return without taking a trip to the legendary Taj Mahal. As an unspoken rule of thumb, you also can’t go back without trying agra ka petha and getting a few packed boxes for family and friends. Agra ka petha is a popular candy that is actually more like a candy. It’s white and semi-translucent. It looks chewy on the first bite and then instantly melts in your mouth, leaving behind a nice sweet aftertaste. Another reason this petha is so popular is that it is made from a seasonal vegetable also called petha or ash gourd. Pumpkin vegetables are a treasure trove of health benefits; they are good for digestion, intestines, skin, and liver.
In this recipe video, food vlogger Jyoti Dalmia shows us how to make agra ka petha, but with a ketogenic spin.

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1. Cut out a piece of ash gourd.
2. Remove the seeds.
3. Remove the skin of the petha vegetable so that it is completely white on all sides.
4. Cut it into small cubes of equal size.
5. Pierce each cube with a fork.
6. Transfer to a large bowl. Add water and let the ash gourd soak.
7. Add pickling lime or calcium hydroxide, also known as choona. Do this only in small quantities or after measuring and consulting an expert. Excess can cause abdominal discomfort. Alternatively, you can use alum powder.
8. Mix everything well. Stir with a spoon until the water turns slightly white.
9. Cover it up. Keep the petha cubes covered for at least 7-8 hours.
10. Take another bowl of water, take the cubes and submerge them in water to wash off the limescale. Make sure you wash it properly until you are sure there is no ounce of lime left.
11. Take a pan and drop the ash gourd pieces. Add some water. Cover the lid and cook the ash gourd pieces so that they become tender. Take out the cubes and drain the water.
12. Take the boys and drop them into a pan. In addition to the sugar you want, add stevia or another natural sweetener. Mix and cook over a low flame. Add water, it will speed up mixing. Cover and cook over a low flame until the water dries out.
13. Add some lemon juice just for a citrus kick. Cook until the water starts to dry.
14. Your petha candy is almost ready. Dry these pieces on a rack for at least 3-4 hours. Nibble.

You can find the detailed recipe here. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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