30 low-cost dwelling health merchandise private trainers depend on


There’s a lot to love about working out in your own home, especially if you have the right gear to challenge you. But since there are hundreds and thousands of home fitness products on Amazon, it’s not always easy to pick the best ones. To make the shopping process easier, various fitness pros chimed in with their home fitness recommendations — and you can find them all right here.

This resistance band kit was suggested, and it’s a favorite of trainers and athletes alike. Plus, it’s only $30 — but it comes with five high-quality bands and you can challenge all of your muscle groups with it. Even something as small and simple as this stretching strap can change the way you exercise by giving you a better grip while stretching on your own, whether it’s before your workout or after.

Not sure exactly what you need to crush your next home routine? Here are some great suggestions to help you build the gym of your dreams without breaking your budget,

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1. This rolling muscle muscle ball that mounts to the wall

This wall-mounted roller, which was suggested by Dr. Chris Scott, director of rehabilitation at Repair Sports Institute, is an easy-to-use aid to help remedy muscle soreness. The ball itself is made from hard plastic and rolls in its socket to get in between your shoulder blades and release tight, uncomfortable muscles. The best part about this device, though, is that it actually suctions to your wall. That way, you can lean into it and apply the perfect amount of pressure for you, and when you’re finished, you can easily remove it and take it with you.

2. The pull-up bar that fits in most doorways

One reviewer “cancelled [his] gym membership and don’t plan on getting one back” after investing in this doorway pull-up bar, which was suggested by Jeff Parke, owner of Top Fitness Magazine. It fits most standard doorframes and is super easily to install; all you have to do put this bar together and then hook it into your doorway. Once mounted, you can easily do pull-ups and chin-ups — and when you’re finished, you can simply unhook it from your doorframe until your next session.

3. A resistance band package with over 14,000 five-star reviews

Park also recommended this resistance band set, which works just as well as any you’d find at the gym. They come in a set of five bands ranging from 10 pounds of resistance up to 50 pounds. These bands are also made from natural latex — so they can hold up well to wear and tear — and they each feature a secure clip that you can use to clip on pull handles or the included door anchors. As one reviewers wrote, “These are great gear to work out in our home with a personal trainer by Zoom.”

4. These barbell grips that help increase your arm strength

These barbell grips, which were recommended by James de Lacey, a professional strength and conditioning coach for Sweet Science of Fighting, add some extra challenge to your workouts. Here’s how they work: Once you place them on your barbells and hand weights, they force your grip to widen, which encourages your muscles to contract at different angles and increase their density over time. On top of that, these grips also add ample cushioning to prevent blisters.

5. The resistance bands that come with a workout guide

There’s a lot of reasons to love these high-quality resistance bands, including the comprehensive exercise guide that comes with them. This guide shows you how to work your entire body with these five bands, each with its own level of resistance. This set also comes with two handles, a door anchor, extra clips, and its own bag so you can take these bands with you when you travel. These were recommended by John Fawkes, an NSCA-certified personal trainer and managing editor at The Unwinder.

6. A boxing game that increases hand-eye coordination

This boxing game was recommended by Michael Slowak, an ACE-certified trainer and cofounder of Boxingholic. It can help increase your strength and coordination, but it’s really fun to play, too. It comes with two headbands that you place around your forehead like sweatband. Choose between the four included boxing balls to attach — including two novice balls, a veteran ball, and a boxer reflex ball. Then, punch to build your reflexes, or even compete to get the most consecutive punches with a friend or family member.

7. This pilates ball that’s recommended by trainers

This mini pilates ball — which was recommended by Kait Coats, a pilates, yoga, aerial, and mindfulness coach for Kait Coats Wellness — can help increase core strength and stability. This 9-inch ball is virtually indestructible, and it’s the perfect size to increase your core strength and work your abdominals, lower back, and more. It even comes with its own mini pump so you can blow it up in a snap.

8. This extra-long foam roller that hits every muscle

At 3 feet long, this high-density foam roller — also recommended by Coats — targets every single muscle with ease. It’s also only 6 inches in diameter, so you can position it to roll out tense, tight muscles between your shoulder blades. And because it’s made from dense foam, this roller offers the perfect amount of pressure to increase blood circulation and sooth sore, overworked muscles.

9. A nylon stretch strap with loops for different stretches

Coats also suggested this OG stretch-out strap — which, based off various reviews, is trusted by physical therapists, trainers, and athletes alike. This strap is over 6 feet long and made from extremely durable nylon, so you can apply as much resistance you need to fully stretch your muscles and increase your flexibility. It also includes 10 loops so you can choose which to grip for the best stretch (depending on which part of your body you’re working), and it comes with a guide to help you maximize your stretches.

10. These resistance bands that are wider than the rest

As another recommendation by Coats, these TheraBands can be used for everything from strengthening to stretching. They come in a set of three, and each one features a different level of resistance. You can use them separately to stretch, or you can even layer these bands on top of each other to create more resistance to strengthen and tone your muscles. They’re made from natural latex, which gives them tons of stretch without any ripping or tearing.

11. These resistance bands that are lined with fabric (not latex)

These nonslip resistance bands, which were also suggested by Coats, are a simple and effective way to strengthen your glutes. They come in a set of three with varying levels of resistance, and each one is made from soft and stretchy fabric — not latex — that shouldn’t slip while you’re mid-squat. They even have a layer of rubber on the inside to ensure they stay in place, no matter how hard you’re working.

12. This foam yoga wedge that can help alleviate wrist pain

Whether you’re an advanced yogi or just starting out, this foam wedge can be a great addition to your practice. The wedge, which was suggested by Coats, is made of high-density memory foam that’s firm enough to increase your stability in challenging poses — yet it also have the perfect amount of give so it helps give your joints and muscles a break. You can use it to sink deeper into poses like downward dog or chair, or you can alleviate wrist pain while in plank with this super versatile wedge.

13. These yoga blocks with over 13,000 rave reviews

Over 13,000 reviewers agree that these yoga blocks — which were also recommended by Coats — are essential to your practice. They’re extremely lightweight and easy to take with you, whether you’re practicing at home or in a studio. You can also set these blocks up on any of the sides for varying heights, depending on what you need for your practice. Start by setting these blocks on their highest height to help with balancing postures, and you practice you can lower them as needed.

14. This kettlebell that has a textured handle

This 15-pound kettlebell was recommended by Carol Michaels, a personal trainer and founder of Recovery Fitness. It may seem small and compact, but it’ll help amp up your workout with its weight. In fact, it’s made from solid cast iron and features a thick vinyl coating to protect both your feet and the floor in case it drops. This kettlebell also features a textured handle so you can get a solid grip before you lift, press, and swing.

15. These adjustable workout wraps that help protect your wrists

When you’re lifting heavy, these wrist protectors are an absolute must. They were suggested by Kunal Jhaveri, the CEO of Bear Grips who’s also a strength and conditioning coach and trainer. These are made from ultra durable material with a plastic insert to help ensure that your wrist won’t bend while you’re lifting. These wraps are also completely adjustable, so you can find the best fit for you — and they also have a thumb loop to ensure they don’t budge while you’re working out.

16. A mask that’s stretchy & breathable for heated workouts

Jhaveri also recommended this stretchy face mask, and it’s an excellent choice for working out at the gym or with friends. It’s made from stretchy, multilayered Flex-Tech fabric that keeps out droplets, dust, pollen, and more. It also features wide coverage, so it stays in place while you’re exercising — and it can be washed and worn over and over again.

17. This best-selling platform that gets your heart pumping

Mona Pretorius de Lacey, a six-time karate world champion and strength and conditioning coach at RAWR Strength, suggested this best-selling step platform. At 4 inches tall, this platform is a great addition to HIIT workouts to increase your heart rate while burning more calories. You can also adjust the feet to add an extra two inches when you really want to increase the intensity, and the nonslip surface helps you to pivot and jump without slipping.

18. This high-density yoga mat that’s waterproof

This high-density yoga mat, which was also suggested by Pretorius de Lacey, is one of the best on the market. Unlike lightweight foam mats, this one is made from super durable, nontoxic TPE so that it stays in place. It’s also textured on both sides so you can use it on either one, and it comes with its own carrying strap so you can take it anywhere. The best feature of this mat, though, is that it’s completely waterproof. That way, your sweat will slide right off it.

19. This 10-pound medicine ball that’s easy to grip

Not only will this medicine ball give you a good workout, but it’s easy to hold onto. It was recommended by Jennifer Schultz, an outdoor guide, instructor, and contributor to Outforia — and it features a textured outer shell with plenty of grooves for you to grip. The inside of this ball is filled with sand to ensure that it doesn’t roll or bounce, all while helping to keep this ball balanced. As one reviewer wrote, “I’m a personal trainer and do private training in my home. This ball has been a great addition for my clients!”

20. A single resistance band for those just getting started

Brian Ward, a certified personal trainer and founder of The Workout Digest, recommended this resistance band. It can be used in just about any part of your door for instant leverage while building strength. You can work your biceps by sliding the anchor in the center of your door, or you can hook it along the bottom to work your shoulders. And if you’re rather skip the anchor altogether, you can use this rubber band on its own while your arms, shoulders, and upper back.

21. This pull-up assistant that helps you get progressively stronger

This pull-up assistant — which was recommended by Alex David, fitness coach and co-creator of Ryan and Alex Duo Life — can help increase your upper body strength. Just hook it over your pull-up bar and slip your foot into the bottom loop. The three cables can provide up to 100 pounds of assistance. As you get stronger, you can remove the cables, one by one, until you’re doing flawless pull-ups on your own.

22. These easy-to-use sliders that work your core

Erin Moraghan, a mindset and movement coach who founded Litethriive Wellness, suggested adding these sliding discs to your home routine. And although they seem pretty simple, they’re one of the most effective ways to train your core. They come in a set of two, and each one features two different textures so you can use them on any surface. One side has foam padding that slides easily over hardwood and tile, while the other side is smooth plastic that glides over carpets and rugs. You can use these slides to increase the intensity of your core workout, burn more calories, and challenge your abs.

23. These tennis balls that you can use for any workout

Moraghan also recommended these seemingly simple tennis balls. Sure, they can be used to help increase your cardio capacity while you play a game or two — but you can also use them to amp up pretty much any workout. You can throw them to a partner or against a wall to increase your arm strength, bounce and catch to test your hand-eye coordination, or — as Moraghan suggests — even roll out sore muscles at the end of a tough workout.

24. This simple, yet effective jump rope that you can use anywhere

This standard jump rope — which Moraghan also recommended — can be used for an intense cardio workout. It features a tangle-proof cord and ball-bearing handles to give them the perfect amount of weight so you can quickly swing the rope. You can also adjust the length so you can push your heart rate to the max. Plus, this jump rope and small and lightweight, so you can take it with you to workout anywhere.

25. This weight-lifting kit that’s customizable

Caitlin Sacasas, an ACE-certified fitness trainer for Rebel Heart Fitness, recommended this weight-lifting kit. Instead of investing in separate barbells, this set has all the essentials you need. It comes with two steel barbells, four 2.5-pound plates, four 5-pound plates, and four half-pound collars to secure them in place. You can mix, match, and layer the plates to create the best weight to challenge you and increase the weight as you get stronger. Plus, the barbells also feature a textured surface so your hands won’t slip.

26. This textured foam roller that can increase your circulation

Josh Schlottman, a fitness coach for Trainer Josh Fitness, recommended this textured foam roller. It can help relieve muscle fatigue while increasing circulation to help ease soreness. It features a multi-density grid pattern that triggers tightly contracted muscles to release when you roll over them. On top of that, this roller is also extremely firm to help deeply compress your muscles. And matter how many times you use it, this roller won’t lose its shape.

27. These padded running socks that help prevent blisters

This six-pack of breathable socks was suggested by Abbey Christie, an NASM-certified personal trainer for Model Trainers — and it’s a requirement for runners, walkers, and just about anyone. They’re super soft and infused with spandex to give them the perfect amount of stretch while preventing them from slipping in your shoe. They also feature a reinforced heel and cushioned ankle to help prevent blisters. Plus, the mesh panels allow for plenty of airflow to keep you from overheating.

  • Available sizes: Small (5.5 — 8), Medium (8.5 — 11)

28. This weighted vest that increases your workout’s intensity

Instantly crank up the intensity of your next workout with this 4-pound weighted vest recommended by Ollie Laver, a personal trainer and nutritionist for Wise Fitness Academy. It features a fully adjustable belt, as well as a pocket in the back to add more weight as you increase your strength. This vest is also made from sweat-wicking neoprene material that won’t slip, and includes extra padding to protect your back. Wear it while you run, walk, or lift weights to work both your heart and muscles.

29. This box that’s great for plyometric exercises

This plyometric box was suggested by Alex Smith, an ACE-certified strength and conditioning coach for Fitness Training Star — and it’s sure to get your heart pumping. Use it for box squats, step-ups, and jumps to challenge the fast twitch fibers in your muscles while increasing your cardio capabilities. This box also features a nonslip surface, and it has pre-drilled holes on all sides so it’s a breeze to put it together.

30. This durable battle rope that has great reviews

As one reviewer wrote, this battle rope is a “versatile piece of exercise equipment that lets you add a little or a lot of challenge depending on how you want to vary your workout that day.” This weighted rope — which was recommended by Darlene Bellarmino, an NASM- and AFAA-certified personal trainer and group fitness trainer for Rise Training — is made from industrial-strength materials and features a waterproof coating, so it’s virtually indestructible. Plus, with nonslip handles, it shouldn’t slip (even when you’re working your entire body).