4Seasons Fitness center continues to supply health facilities through the pandemic | Information


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, gyms like 4Seasons Gym continue to control their business practices according to strict guidelines.

The 4Seasons Gym is a 24/7 fitness center in St. Louis that offers strength and cardio equipment, sauna, tanning, indoor cages, changing rooms and showers for its guests, among other things.

4Seasons Gym

4Seasons Gym at 116 N. Mill Street in St. Louis. Photo posted on the 4Seasons Gym Facebook page.

Before the pandemic, the gym bought the building next door to add 14,000 square feet to the 6,000 square meters it already had.

“We completed the renovation 30 days before we closed,” said Evelyn Eilts, co-owner of the 4Seasons Gym. “In order to get closed, we told all of our customers we would stop billing them until they could use the gym.”

This resulted in the gym losing 554 members on the day they closed.

“Then over the next few months we spent the shutdown improving everything to make it safe for our members and also reducing the overhead that was no longer necessary,” said Eilts. “We bought non-contact thermometers, installed a new door system to limit the number of members at the same time. We developed our own app for Android and Apple, installed Plexiglas on all switches and switched all devices to 6.” It was necessary to develop a COVID questionnaire 10 feet away that members could complete each time they entered, as well as guidelines and procedures for what to do if someone is in the facility who may be in contact with COVID has stood. “

When they reopened after months of closure, they were able to win back about half of their members. 4Seasons Gym also lets employees clean regularly several times a day, especially with a static spray device to disinfect the equipment.

4Seasons Gym

4Seasons Gym at 116 N. Mill Street in St. Louis. Photo posted on the 4Seasons Gym Facebook page.

“Now, after a year, the gym is thriving and exceeding our expectations. We have now got all of our members back and more,” said Eilts. “We are in the process of growing further, making changes and now looking at other locations.”

They are currently looking for a smaller gym in Alma (possibly the old Sears building or the other half of the K-Mart building), Shepherd and Carson.

For more information, visit 4seasonsgym.com or 989-681-8175.

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