5 10-Min Recipes For Fast Breakfast On Weight Loss Food plan


Quick breakfast recipes for weight loss.


  • Want some quick and easy breakfast recipes for weight loss?
  • Try these 10-minute healthy morning meal recipes.
  • These meals are easy to prepare with minimal ingredients.

You finally get out of bed after sleeping a million times, just in time to shower and leave the house. You could run and get to the office on time, but skipping your breakfast in a hurry can hardly be called a success. Now it seems a lot easier to hop around the office canteen or near Dhaba to grab something to fill your stomach, but it’s definitely not good for your weight loss diet. In fact, it is better to spend less time – just 10 minutes – in the home kitchen preparing a delicious and healthy breakfast for yourself.

Confused How To Really Do It Or What To Really Do? We’ll help you with the following breakfast recipes that you can rustle in 10 minutes instead of a minute.

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Quick Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss:

1. Sunny side up

This is the easiest egg recipe out there – faster than boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and even an omelette. All you have to do is heat some butter in a pan. Crack an egg or two in the middle of the pan. While the eggs are boiling, which takes about 2 minutes, toast your bread in a toaster. Once the edges of the eggs start to brown, move the eggs onto your bread toast and enjoy this sunny breakfast. Click here for the full recipe.


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2. Vermicelli Upma

We all know that vermicelli cooks very quickly. Give your favorite South Indian upma a twist by making it with rice noodles paired with a tempering of the usual Chana Dal, curry leaves, coconut, and spices. Click here for the full recipe.

3. Omelette in a cup

If you like your eggs like an omelette, try this quick and easy omelette recipe. Grease your mug with some oil and toss whatever you want in your omelette in the mug and microwave. Your omelette will be ready in no time. Skip adding cheese to your weight loss diet. Here is the full recipe.

4. Breakfast cereals

Opt for simple cornflakes, ragi bites or muesli. All you need to do is put corn flakes, some fruit (optional), nuts, seeds and a dash of honey in a bowl filled with milk. Mix everything together and enjoy this delicious breakfast bowl. Click here to learn how to eat your breakfast cereal.

5. Peanut butter smoothie

Do you need protein in the morning but you don’t want anything too heavy? Make this lipped peanut butter smoothie that is filling, energizing, and super easy to make. Click here for the recipe.



Enjoy good health every day with a good breakfast with these quick 10-minute breakfast recipes for your weight loss diet.

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