5 easy-to-make wholesome sandwich recipes


5 easy-to-make healthy sandwich recipes

Mar 19, 2022, 02:26 pm
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These sandwich recipes are not only tasty but extremely healthy as well.

Sandwiches are loved by almost everyone. They are easy to prepare and you can have them on the go.

You can either stuff the sandwich bread with delicious fillings of cheese and paneer or make it super healthy by adding some leafy greens.

Sandwiches are great for lunch and as a quick snack.

Here are five healthy sandwich recipes that are highly nutritious.

Caprese sandwich is a hit among vegetarians.

This classic Italian dish is infused with the subtle flavors of basil, mozzarella cheese, and fresh juicy tomatoes.

First, brush the bread slices with olive oil and balsamic glaze.

Toast the bread slices and top them with fresh basil leaves and tomato slices.

Add fresh mozzarella cheese, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and serve immediately.

Sprouts and chilli sandwich

This healthy sprouts sandwich is rich in protein, fiber, and packs in the perfect punch of Indian spices and herbs.

Add sprouts, tomatoes, green chilies, chopped onion, coriander leaves, carrots, spring onions, amchur powder, and chaat masala to a bowl and mix well.

Spread the mixture over whole wheat bread slices and grill the sandwich with low-fat butter.

This yummy berry and almond butter sandwich is high in antioxidants and protein. The sandwich is just 318 calories which makes it perfect for a weight loss diet.

First, spread some almond butter on whole-grain bread slices. Mash some fresh and juicy raspberries and spread them on the other slice.

Grill the sandwich for five minutes on both sides and enjoy.

Chickpea spinach sandwich

This low-calorie chickpea spinach sandwich recipe is healthy, light, and extremely wholesome that keeps you full for a longer time.

Blend celery, onions, and boiled chickpeas with salt, vinegar, lemon juice, and pepper.

Roast red bell peppers, caramelize some onions, and saute some spinach.

Toast some whole wheat bread.

Spread the chickpea mixture on the bread slices, add the veggie mix, and serve.

This scrambled eggs sandwich recipe is packed with protein and makes for the perfect breakfast.

Heat two teaspoons of olive oil and saute chopped onions in it for four-five minutes.

Beat eggs in a separate bowl with salt and pepper and cook scrambled.

Top whole-grain bread slices with arugula leaves, scrambled eggs, and caramelized onions. Decorate with crumbled feta cheese and enjoy.