5 Greatest Wholesome Kentucky Derby Recipes


This year’s thoroughbred line-up in the Kentucky Derby is about to start, as the COVID-19 restrictions on crowd interactions are easing further. If you’re planning a small outdoor party to celebrate Derby Day, could something be fancier than a menu as colorful as jockey silk but still delicious and healthy?

Hold on to your fascinator … We have teamed up with the Kentucky Derby, Executive Chef of Churchill Downs Racetrack, and two popular beverage brands to bring you a Kentucky Derby menu that will keep your guests racing for the spread as if If you had fired the starting pistol.

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Courtesy Lipton Tea

Whether you’re watching your sugar intake or not entirely sure how ready you are to prepare for bourbon, Lipton Iced Teas has brought us this lighter (but equally refreshing) twist on the classic mint julep recipe. Check out our recipe for the orange blossom julep.

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black-eyed pea corn salsaCourtesy Kentucky Derby / Churchill Downs

These days, it can be difficult to find a salsa that really excites you. As luck would have it, Churchill Downs Chef David Danielson has created an original salsa recipe with a new Mediterranean twist that is as promising as a horse with a 50: 1 ratio. From the colors to the flavors to to the nutritional information. This black-eyed peas & corn salsa recipe is a safe bet.

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Tomato and watermelon saladCourtesy Woodford Reserve / Kentucky Derby

When we really eat with our eyes first, you may feel ready to feast. This great tasting (and looking) salad is another dish that provides so much nutritional value and is great for so many diets. Did you at this tomato and watermelon salad recipe.

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Prawn succotash saladCourtesy Kentucky Derby / Churchill Downs

We can’t say enough about this summer salad that unexpectedly combines a traditional Mediterranean palette of beautiful vegetables with the fresh touch of prawns. Whether you’re feeding clean eaters, a keto crowd, or picky diners, this Shrimp Succotash Salad Recipe will likely get the crowd to gather like they do when the horses round the last corner of the track.

Wordford Spire CocktailCourtesy Kentucky Derby / Woodford Reserve

Nothing is missing from this drink mix, as this non-alcoholic offer is guaranteed by Derby sponsor Woodford Reserve. Whether you’re entertaining on the first Saturday of May or just looking for a new drink to enjoy at home anytime. This Woodford Spire Mocktail brings you to the races with new recipe inspiration.

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