5 Jasmine Important Oil Advantages, and How one can Reap Them


IIn the wide world of aromatherapy, jasmine essential oil is not given nearly enough attention when compared to conventional vials like Garden Lavender. While lavender is similar to your favorite comfy t-shirt that is part of your weekly rotation, jasmine evokes luxury and may be reserved for special occasions, such as when you are out and about. B. to put on something silky and mysterious. And when you look at the benefits of jasmine essential oil, you’ll see why it has such a seductive charisma.

“Jasmine is best known for its emotional and psycho-spiritual affinities,” says aromatherapist Amy Galper, author of the Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy. “It has been used for ceremonies and rituals in India for centuries and has been valued as a fragrance in the perfume industry for generations. It is often worn as a devotional oil to bring happiness and blessings, release inner inhibitions and overcome physical love.” “

“”[Jasmine is] often worn as a devotional oil to bring happiness and blessings, release inner inhibitions and overcome physical love. “- Amy Galper, aromatherapist

Suffice it to say, jasmine essential oil can be a really fun and sexy addition to your aromatherapy collection. And if you are not convinced, here are five particularities about the positive properties.

5 benefits of jasmine essential oil

1. It is considered an aphrodisiac

First, let’s address the Transcendent Physical Love note mentioned by Galper. She also points out that jasmine is often used as an ingredient in aphrodisiacs, “to spiritualize the intimacy of relationships”. So, put it first on your list if you’re looking for flavors to boost the mood (followed by ylang-ylang, a more budget-friendly option that might also do the scene-setting trick).

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2. It’s a mood booster

Jasmine essential oil can help you sniff your way out of a funk (and not just because it can mask the smell of smells). A small study published in the Journal of Health Research looked at the effect inhaling sweet almond oil and jasmine oil would have on 20 participants, and researchers found the latter to be pleasantly stimulant. The jasmine oil has been found to promote a sense of positive well-being, activity, freshness and even romance. So keep this in mind the next time you feel particularly “blah” around you.

3. It can make you feel more energetic

Research not only confirms that you feel great, but also that the benefits of jasmine essential oils may affect you too. A study that analyzed how a massage infused with jasmine oil could affect the body found that it increased respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and signals physical arousal. This means that it can make you feel more alert and stronger. This is helpful when you’ve reached the point where you are not caffeine-free on your work day.

4. It has antiseptic properties

Well, to be clear, it certainly doesn’t mean that you want to clean all of your wounds with jasmine essential oil in the future. But here’s something cool: A 2018 study found that jasmine oil promoted antimicrobial activities against oral microorganisms like S. mutans, L. casei, E. coli, and all the candida strains that cause oral thrush (or a fungal infection of the mouth) can ). So if you feel like experimenting with toothpaste flavors – ideally with the blessing of your dentist – consider jasmine as a luxurious and potentially effective option.

5. It can be good for your skin

Speaking of which, jasmine oil can be a valuable addition to your skin care routine. In a 2017 study, 90 commercially available essential oils were rated to determine how effective they could be in treating skin conditions. Jasmine has been shown to help with skin conditions such as inflammation and psoriasis, as well as greasy and dry skin tones. So, be sure to review the ingredients in your skin care products and discuss with your dermatologist or medical provider which ingredients are best for your skin profile.

3 jasmine essential oil products to use

So we know there are a plethora of benefits to jasmine essential oil, but here’s the hiccups: “Jasmine essential oil is incredibly expensive and it’s difficult to get a pure real oil,” says Galper. This is mainly because, as she says, it takes a lot of buds to distill the flower’s true essence. So if you want to experiment with jasmine, you know it could cost you. That being said, here is just a touch of jasmine products with specific uses that you can use right now.

1. To use jasmine essential oil for a demystifying mood boost: Jasmine Absolute, $ 30

For a bottle of simple jasmine essential oil, try Jasmine Absolute from Plant Therapy. If you need some elevation, a drop or two should help you get through.

Shopping now: Jasmine Absolute, $ 30

2. How To Use Jasmine Oil In Your Skin Care Treatment: Jasmine Aromatic Care, $ 75

If you are looking for an all-day glow and a fresh complexion, Parisian brand Darphin has it for you. True to its name, the formulation contains jasmine as well as ylang-ylang, rosewood and raspberry oils.

Shopping now: Jasmine Aromatic Care, $ 75

3. How To Use Jasmine Oil On Your Body: Lumière Jasmine Body Glow Oil, $ 42

To promote the topical benefits of jasmine, French Girl Organics has a pumpable body oil. Massage it into your skin for that sultry, romantic aroma and watch this sensual energy run your day.

Shopping now: Lumière Jasmine Body Glow Oil, $ 42

Potential Jasmine Essential Oil Side Effects That You Should Know About

Galper notes that jasmine essential oil may not work well for pregnant women during the first two trimesters (as is the case with many essential oils due to a lack of research and concerns about how they can affect a developing fetus) otherwise have no major side effects. Allergic reactions such as dermatitis can occur but are rare. If you think you have a reaction, see a doctor.

To be on the safe side, check how pure your jasmine is as there are many jasmine products made on the market. “And it is the adulterations that often trigger allergic reactions and side effects,” says Galper. So confirm with the ingredients list if a product says jasmine to make sure it’s not a hidden synthetic flavor. If it’s pure, you will definitely be pampered. Aromatherapy is a delight in any form, but jasmine is pure luxury in bottles.

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