5 Wholesome Pasta Chip Recipes for Simple, Tasty Snacking


TThanks to TikTok, gourmets have no shortage of trendy new recipes to cook at home. It feels like we posted glasses of fluffy whipped coffees on our social media feeds just yesterday. And who could forget the ridiculously delicious baked feta pasta recipe?

The latest viral food craze? Crunchy pasta chips. This simple hack, made using an air fryer to crisp pre-cooked pasta, has taken the internet by storm. Food bloggers like Feel Good Foodie’s Yumna Jawad and Kale Junkie’s Nicole Keshishian Modic have garnered hundreds of thousands of views to create their own pasta chip recipes.

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All you have to do is cook your favorite type of dried pasta al dente, drain it, mix it with the oil and the condiments of your choice, then cook it in the air fryer for 10 minutes until crispy. Most pasta chip recipes call for traditional white pasta (delicious). But if you have specific nutritional needs, rest assured that you can use any type of alternative pasta you like, says Kathy Hester, founder of the Healthy Slow Cooking blog and author of the cookbook Vegan Cooking in Your Air Fryer ($ 16 ). For example, their healthy pasta chip recipe swaps whole grain flies for brown rice Farfalle. (Working with old pasta can also increase the protein and fiber counts per serving, which is an additional nutritional benefit.)

When swapping out pasta, keep in mind that the size, shape, and type of pasta can affect cooking time. “A thicker pasta like spirals may take longer to cook while broken pieces of lasagne take less time,” says Hester. And if you’re using an alternate pasta, “cook it for half the time it says on the package,” she suggests. “That gives you enough leeway to make sure the pasta holds its shape because sometimes if you cook gluten-free pasta all the time, it will dissolve.”

Are you ready to try your own pasta chips? Grab your favorite old pasta and a hot air fryer and choose from these five healthy pasta chip recipes.

5 healthy pasta chip recipes to try at home

1. Vegan Airfryer Bowtie Pasta Chips

Photo: Healthy Slow Cooking

After you’ve cooked your pasta, Hester suggests decorating it with aquafaba (also known as canned chickpea water) and nutritional yeast. “Drain this liquid [from your chickpea can] normally you pour down the sink, ”she says. “I use nutritional yeast instead of parmesan, but you can use vegan parmesan if you want. Violife has a really great one in one piece that you can chop up yourself. “

Get the Recipe: Vegan Air Fryer Bowtie Pasta Chips

2. Pasta chips and whipped feta dip

Photo: Feel Good Foodie

As mentioned earlier, Feel Good Foodie’s recipe went viral with over 2 million views on TikTok. Yumna Jawad, the creator of the recipe, deep-fries thick rigatoni in the air for just ten minutes before coating them with a heavenly whipped feta dip. Like Hester, Jawad emphasizes the importance of reducing cooking time when using old pasta. “Just cook al dente, as gluten-free pasta sometimes disintegrates more easily,” she says.

Get the prescription: Pasta Chips and Whipped Feta Dip

3. Chickpea pasta chips with marinara

Photo: Eating bird seed

This recipe gives a twist to traditional red sauce pasta. It was created by Brittany Mullins, founder of the food blog Eating Bird Food, and requires everything that makes a classic Italian dish, like Italian condiments, garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and a side dish of marinara sauce for dipping.

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For a vegan-friendly option, Mullins recommends a lentil or chickpea based pasta like Banza, which she put in and said it worked great. Her recipe also includes instructions on how to bake your pasta. So if you don’t have a hot air fryer, don’t worry – put it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes and enjoy.

Get the Recipe: Chickpea pasta chips with marinara

4. Chaat-flavored pasta chips

Photo: Nish Kitchen

Serve these spicy chaat masala pasta chips as a delicious starter or as a summer side dish. Nish Kitchen’s recipe calls for a whitefly, but you can trade in a gluten-free option in almost any shape or color you want. The great trick is in the spices, which are sprinkled on just before they become crispy in the air fryer. Yum.

Get the Recipe: Chaat-flavored pasta chips

5. Air fryer dill pickle pasta chips

Photo: Meatless makeovers

These light, gluten-free pasta chips from Meatless Makeovers will be your new favorite snack. Once your noodles are rinsed and dried, brush them with a mixture of garlic powder, salt, pepper, and French dill. The result? A light, refreshing gluten-free chip that you can’t resist.

Get the Recipe: Air fryer dill pickle pasta chips

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