6 Excellent Recipes for Winter Meals – Well being Necessities from Cleveland Clinic


Cold weather can lead to a change in appetite as you leave behind the light summer salads and grills of summer for heartier, heartier meals that will keep you filled and warm all winter long.

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But the cold truth is that no weather justifies unhealthy eating habits. Just as you shouldn’t overdo ice cream during dog days in summer, you shouldn’t live on a solid diet of hot chocolate and warm cookies in winter.

Overwintering your diet can be healthy and tasty when you add a few favorite cold weather foods to it. Start with these recipes for some hearty, delicious meals.

White bean stew with rosemary and spinach

Combining carrots with a mixture of vegetables (celery and spinach) and protein-rich white beans, this vegetarian stew is a perfect batch cook-up that’s ready to eat in just 30 minutes. In addition to a number of vitamins A, C, and K, it’s also high in iron, potassium, and fiber. Use only low-sodium beans to keep salt levels under control.

Hearty minestrone soup with farro

Minestone soup with farroVegetables? Check. Protein from beans? Check. Healthy Grains? Check.

While cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and kidney beans make a great classic minestrone soup, it’s the age-old grain farro that makes things even better and gives the soup a nutty flavor. Opt for salt-free kidney beans only to keep health as healthy as possible.

Musk Pumpkin Macaroni Cheese Pan

Mac and cheese with butternut squashMac and cheese are classic comfort foods and a staple in the cold winter months, a warm and creamy dish that is also filling. And while there are all kinds of recipes with different twists, this option includes butternut squash as a healthy alternative, and it also calls for healthier ingredients – reduced-sodium broth, non-fat Greek yogurt – that leave you feeling satisfied without the nagging guilt of consuming too many calories .

Spicy beef chili with butternut squash

Spicy beef and butternut chilliYes, butternut squash is not just a perfect winter vegetable because of its taste. The popular pumpkin is also very versatile. Black beans, ground sirloin, onions and red peppers make this dish a tasty chili dish. Use lightly sour cream, low-fat cheese, and low-sodium beans to make sure you don’t drive this hearty meal too high on the calorie meter.

Creamy turkey and vegetable casserole

Turkey vegetable casseroleCasseroles are perfect for winter eating. Not only does it give you a wide variety of vegetables (and therefore plenty of nutrients and vitamins), but it’s perfect for freezing and saving too. This particular recipe features turkey, a delicious source of protein, and a mixture of vegetables including potatoes, zucchini, peppers, and carrots. And while creamy soups are often unhealthy than broth-based soups, this particular recipe calls for a low-fat blend of dairy and chicken broth that gives you that calorie-free creaminess.

Soba noodle mushroom soup

Soba noodle tofu spinach soup

Winter dishes are more than just casseroles and chilli. You can liven up your dinner with this heart-healthy soup. While the nutty-tasting soba noodles and earthy mushrooms form a perfect pairing of flavors, the potassium-rich spinach and protein-rich tofu provide the nutrients and vitamins your body needs.