6 Simple and fast masala dosa recipes so as to add some wholesome meals to your each day meal plan


Dosa is a popular and healthy South Indian recipe that originated in Karnataka. Check out some healthy and quick masala dosa recipes to help make your daily meal plan healthier.

6 Easy & Quick Masala Dosa Recipes To Add Healthy Foods To Your Daily Diet Plan

Masala dosa is one of the most popular South Indian recipes that originated in Karnataka. It consists of rice, lentils, potatoes, fenugreek, curry leaves and is served with sambar and chutneys. Although it’s a delicious lunch, dosa is also a popular and healthy breakfast food. Here are some easy and quick masala dosa recipes to add to your daily meal plan.

Easy Masala Dosa Recipes:

Crunchy masala dosa

Is it difficult for you to get your dosa crispy? Then follow the recipe below and enjoy crispy masala dosa to enjoy with your family.

Mysore Masala Dosa

Give your masala dosa a different flavor with this simple recipe of the Mysore Masala Dosa recipe. Learn the recipe from the video below.

Instant masala dosa

Making masala dosa may be difficult for you, but it can be done very easily within a few minutes. Here’s how to turn masala dosa into a healthy meal right away.

Immediately Rava Masala Dosa

Learn the simple technique of rava masala dosa, which can be made quickly. It is also a healthy breakfast for your daily meal. Follow the recipe below.

Paneer Masala Dosa

If you want to make your masala dosa extra healthy, add paneer and turn it into a healthier, high protein breakfast. Follow the recipe below.

Authentic masala dosa

Here’s how to make the authentic masala dosa with uttapam and coconut chutney to get the true flavor of this popular dish.

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