6 Wholesome recipes of mushrooms to spice up immunity and enhance Vitamin D degree


Mushroom is very beneficial for boosting immunity and increasing vitamin D levels. So, here are 6 easy mushroom recipes to keep you strong.

Healthy Mushroom Recipes To Stay Strong

Mushrooms are just packaged with a lot of health benefits, but they’re delicious and can be used in various recipes to get the goodness out of them. Mushrooms are rich in vitamins D and B, boost immunity, contain cancer-fighting properties, help lower cholesterol, fight aging, and have anti-inflammatory properties. And amid this second wave of COVID 19, consuming mushrooms is extremely beneficial as they are high in vitamin D and increase immunity. So, here are some healthy mushroom recipes.

Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup is a delicious and healthy starter and perfect for any weather. And the method is also very simple to do this preparation. Check out the video below and treat yourself to some delicious mushroom soup.

Butter garlic mushroom

This concoction contains the goodness of garlic and mushrooms and is also a great starter recipe. It doesn’t even take much to prepare. In addition to mushrooms, garlic is very beneficial to health. It has medicinal properties, is very nutritious with fewer calories, fights diseases, especially colds, and is effective in lowering blood pressure. So get the goodness of garlic and mushrooms with this Butter Garlic Mushroom Recipe.

Chilli mushroom

If you want something spicy, this chilli and mushroom recipe is for you. And to make it healthier, you can make it without oil. Just follow the recipe and prepare.

3 mushroom recipes

Here are 3 healthy mushroom recipes listed in the video below. They’re quick to prepare and full of flavor.

Fry mushroom pepper

Mushroom Pepper Roast is a healthy and tasty recipe that is easy to consume with rotis.

Mushroom Bruschetta

Mushroom bruschetta is a healthy, tasty, and quick recipe. Follow the recipe in the video below to make it yourself and pamper yourself.

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