A vitamin enterprise providing shakes and teas to open in Oxford – Oxford Observer


Photo by Jennifer Buckalew

Jennifer Buckalew, owner of Krazy Fit Nutrition, is standing in front of 20 E. High St. in the soon-to-be store front of Krazy Fit Nutrition.

Krazy Fit Nutrition, a new company offering nutritious shakes and teas, is expected to open its doors at 20 E. High St. in early March.

The menu features a range of flavored meal replacement shakes including cookie dough, strawberry cake, and banana caramel that have just 200 calories with 24 grams of protein and six grams of carbohydrates, said Wayne Buckalew, husband of owner Jennifer Buckalew.

The Buckalew’s saw an opportunity for Krazy Fit Nutrition in Oxford after seeing the success of their friends’ nutrition business in Western Hills, Cincinnati. As a former resident of Liberty, Indiana, the Buckalews kept coming to Oxford, he said. They got to know the community and thought it was the right place to start a business.

Krazy Fit Nutrition is not a franchise company, but the shakes and teas they offer are made and sold by a nutrition company, Herbalife, and are available at other health food stores, according to them Herbalife Website.

The decision to open a Herbalife food store was not just based on the fact that it was good business.

“We really believe in it [the product],” he said.

Wayne lost 110 pounds in seven months while Jennifer lost about 39 pounds and four sizes of pants.

While Wayne went to the gym and also watched his calories, the meal replacement shakes and thermogenic teas helped to lower the weight, according to Facebook post.

Your weight loss journey is documented on the Krazy Fit Nutrition Facebook Page, along with the latest Herbalife shakes and teas that Jennifer is trying and about the construction and opening of the store that the Buckalews hope will be shortly before March 1st.

“We’re just waiting for a permit, but we only have a week and a half to build,” he said.

In addition to meal replacement shakes, Krazy Fit Nutrition also offers thermogenic teas. The teas burn 60 to 80 calories, provide energy, and help with focus and mental clarity, he said. Hang 10, Hawaiian Sunset and Blue Thunder are just a few of the tropical flavored teas on the menu.

The Cherry Vanilla Redhot Shake is a favorite of Jennifer and is one of the shakes served at Krazy Fit Fun. Photo by Jennifer Buckalew

The “Coming Soon” and “What We’re Serving” signs in the windows caught the attention of community members and piqued the curiosity of students in Miami.

“I think it might be good for newbies who used to be student athletes and move from an active day to a possible worry about freshman 15,” said Victoria Crabtree, a senior in Miami.

In terms of precautions for COVID-19, Krazy Fit Nutrition, like any other company in Oxford, will follow mask regulations and capacity restrictions. Since the storefront is only about 800 square feet, there isn’t much space for students and community members to gather at all, he said.

“We’re going to be like Starbucks when customers come in and out,” he said.

The room will have a limited number of seats; a counter with a few seats, a fireplace with two chairs, and one or two tables with three chairs each.

With opening day possibly a few weeks away, the Buckalews plan to take call-in orders and offer discounts to students, first responders, and military personnel when the store opens.