A YouTube Star Tried the FBI Health Check With out Apply


The FBI Physical Fitness Test, as the name suggests, is a means of assessing the functional fitness of candidates seeking training as specialty agents. It’s also a popular challenge on YouTube; Influencers like Magnus Midtbø, Brandon William and the Buff Dudes have already taken over the FBI’s PFT with varying degrees of success. Calisthenics vloggers Stan Browney and Arjen Albers are the latest to take on this challenge without prior knowledge or preparation.

The test consists of five separate events, each of which requires participants to achieve at least one point. A minimum total of 12 points is required to pass.

The first event is push-ups: Browney and Albers need to do as many consecutive reps as possible in a minute without pausing or resting. Albers managed 85 rapid fire reps, which earned him a maximum of 10 points in this round. Meanwhile, Browney manages 74 in 55 seconds before collapsing. This is another perfect result, though it leaves him red-faced and exhausted with four more exercises to try.

After a five-minute break, they take on the second challenge: one-minute sit-ups. 38 reps are required for a pass here, while 58 would be a perfect score. Browney did 55 reps in the allotted time (8 points), while Albers did 61 reps (10 points).

The third event is a 300 meter run. While none of them are as confident in their cardio as they are in the bodyweight exercises, Albers runs the distance in 45 seconds. “I’m going to die,” says Browney when it is his turn before he manages an equally respectable time of 49 seconds. That’s 5 points for Albers and 3 points for Browney.

It will be even more difficult for them at the fourth event: a 1.5-mile run. “This run was incredibly tough, this is going to be the next level,” says Browney. A minimum time of 12:24 p.m. is required here. However, they are doing better than either of them expected; Albers finished the run in 9:30 (8 points), Browney is not far behind him with 10:58 (4 points). “I’m glad we made it!” Says Alber.

The fifth and final test is a pullup max.This is truly back in Albers and Browney’s calisthenics wheelhouse. Despite both being tired from the first four rounds, Browney still manages 22 reps on the pull-up bar and Albers 24, meaning both of them passed the test as a whole.

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