Affect of Outbreak of COVID-19 on India Important Oils Market – FLA Information


Ice creams fortified with essential oils are proving to be game changers for niche consumer needs

Innovations in ice creams fortified with essential oils are attracting consumers’ attention. For example, Minnesota-based ice cream startup Moody’s Ice Cream announced that the startup is making essential oil-infused ice cream flavors with specific sensory benefits. Mood-boosting properties of essential oils replace the sugars in ice cream, which are otherwise responsible for spikes in blood sugar levels and fatigue. Therefore, companies in India essential oils market should innovate in specific ingredients as F&B application revenue is estimated for aggressive growth over the forecast period.

Indian essential oil market is expected to have a production of ~50,400 tons until the end of 2030. Startups are experimenting with vegan flavors based on coconut milk such as Mexican chocolate with cinnamon essential oils. The growing demand for natural and organic products thus catalyzes innovations in food. To meet these demands, startups are working with local cooperatives to expand their distribution chains and grow at the national level.

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Technical advances play an important role in drug discovery

Essential oils have promising potential as drug candidates in the Indian essential oil market. A research team from the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology and the KU Leuven Department of Biology, Belgium, found that essential oil components can be obtained by dry or steam distillation. However, essential oil components are complex mixtures of plant metabolites that are relatively hydrophobic and volatile. This disrupts high throughput screening and poses challenges for researchers. Researchers therefore increase their effectiveness in technical developments, combined with restrictions on the use of chemicals for drug discovery.

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Companies in the Indian essential oils market should work with researchers to innovate in drug discovery for the manufacture of natural products. They increase the production capacities for the development of nutritional supplements. This is evident as it is estimated that pharmaceutical applications determine the second highest sales in the market that the market is expected to reach a value of $ 1.5 billion until the end of 2030.


Robust stainless steel machines triple the filling speed and improve the yield

Cosmetic and toiletries companies are turning to packaging companies to speed up their filling speed and improve yield. For example, Young Living, a Utah-based specialist in therapeutic-grade oils, announced that the company is partnering with Syntegon, a processing and packaging specialist, to achieve faster filling of pharmaceutical-grade essential oils and Reliability. Therefore, companies in the Indian essential oil market should employ such collaboration strategies to triple their filling speed.