Ainsley’s Angels and its mission of inclusion bike to assist diabetes sufferers, discover cures


An organization that brings together athletes and the community for special needs for endurance problems is once again advocating the fight against diabetes.

Rob Cass of Virginia Beach and Ashton McCormick of Chesapeake started participating in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure five years ago.

Through Ainsley’s Angels of America, the two were used to racing – Rob Cass pushed special needs athletes like McCormick onto a racing chair – but Tour de Cure puts Cass on a bike and pulls the chair instead.

“”[Ashton] was the first person we ever pulled into Tour de Cure. The first inclusion team ever, “said Cass.

McCormick, Jennifer

Tour de Cure is a nationwide fundraiser in which cyclists raise money for diabetes research and provide financial support for diabetes patients.

The Tour de Cure 2021 is usually a one-day event and will practically take place from March 15th to May 1st. Rides take place anywhere and everywhere.

Cass and McCormick have teamed up again, along with 29 other Ainsley’s Angels teams in multiple states, each with the goal of going approximately 130 miles.

“I ride around on my bike on the back of my jeep and call his mom and say, ‘Hey, I have some time’ and we’ll drive around the neighborhood. We’ll actually drive more miles than normal and more often this year than in the past, “said Cass.

McCormick, who has autism, normally wouldn’t be able to attend an event like this, but through Ainsley’s angels, he can.

“It really touches everything we both care about,” said Deanie Eldridge, executive director of the American Diabetes Association. “The health, the physical activity, and making sure everyone feels included.”

To date, Ainsley’s Angels has hit about 70 percent of its 2021 Tour de Cure goal of $ 5,000. The American Diabetes Association is hoping to raise a total of $ 300,000, and Eldridge says it is needed more than ever as many diabetes patients struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve probably gotten at least 20 percent more inquiries in the last year,” she told News 3. “You see people who may have lost their jobs, or have been on vacation, or whose hours have been cut and who have cut, still need theirs Diabetes Drugs and Supplies. “

Cass, McCormick, and other teams like you are determined to help.

Ainsley’s Angels accepts donations on its Tour de Cure page. You can find more information about the Tour de Cure, how to participate and how to donate HERE.