All of the important oils it’s good to keep calm on this lockdown – Status On-line


Inhale the aromatic essential oil. Exhale the video meeting that should have been an email – yes, we said it.

As we become more used to working from home and the initial wonder of conference calling, home office design, and bread-making has subsided, there’s no shame in admitting that life can get stressful.

Perhaps today was the eighth time the internet crashed. Perhaps your children need attention that you cannot give them right now. Or maybe your online shopping order seems to be gone.

Who would have thought that staying home all day could be anything but relaxing around the clock?

Always looking for a healthy and holistic way of dealing with stress, we recently turned to essential oils as helpers. Shop some of our favorites below and see which are best for any lockout issues you may face.

(Main picture credits: SOCIAL. CUT / Unsplash)


When you wake up late and miss all of the group chat discussions

For those days when you wake up in a rush and struggle to find your way around, use this Muji essential lime oil with your diffuser. The pungent and crisp citrus scent will instantly wake you up and get you out of your dazed morning state. Muji recommends this even in “focus” office or meeting rooms, so it’s really ideal for the home office.

The star ingredients: lime peel (awakens and promotes concentration)
How to use it: add 3-5 to the water you use with your diffuser
Price: RM44.90

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When email takes up hours of the day

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you open your inbox? For moments when you need to breathe and regain your balance, this Aesop Anouk oil burner blend is your savior. It describes itself as “the perfect antidote to stress and rush” and so can help combat the sinking feeling when unexpected surprises come.

The star ingredients: lemon peel, ylang ylang, bergamot peel (all calming)
Use: add 3-5 drops to the oil burner and refill frequently
Price: RM129

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When you feel the carpal tunnel creeping up

It’s easy to get so bogged down in monthly reports and emails and insta-stalking your coworkers that you forget to watch your posture, relax your eyes, and straighten your limbs. For that extra boost, we love the UMA Pure Energy Wellness Oil, which was developed as a “healthy alternative to caffeine” to help maintain energy levels. Get up and do a few jumping jacks, cat and cow yoga poses, or just a shoulder roll. If the energy level is dropping this is a good choice.

The star ingredients: rosemary (relieves exhaustion), peppermint (promotes alertness and creativity)
Application: massage 4-5 drops onto pulse points, temples, behind the ears and inhale deeply from the hands
Price: $ 85 (about 350 RM)

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When you can’t find your mind

When it feels like everything is out of control, focus on your breathing – and inhale the dōTERRA Balance Mixture. Calm and balance, the frankincense is a staple that can help stay rooted while the blue chamomile keeps you calm. Have you tried meditation before? Close your eyes for a few minutes.

The star ingredients: orange peel (antibacterial, uplifting), incense (relieves anxiety), Indian sandalwood (can treat headaches)
Application: Put 4-8 drops of water in an oil burner or diffuser
Price: RM128

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When it is finally time to unwind (preferably with wine)

If essential oils are too annoying for you in your day-to-day work, you can also use them as a treat after work. This Jurlique lavender essential oil is a great way to sit back and relax. As one of the more traditional (but hugely popular) essential oils, it’s a lovely way to mentally teleport into a French lavender field. Play like there’s no WiFi there either.

The star ingredients: Lavender (balancing and calming)
Usage: Add 5-7 drops of water in a diffuser or burner, or take things to the next level and combine with a carrier oil to use for massage
Price: RM107

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