Alltech enters human vitamin market with Acutia


The Kentucky-based company is leveraging its four decades of experience to bring Acutia, which the company claims combines science and sustainability to provide high quality nutritional supplements.

“Acutia is a natural extension of our business and enables us to directly support people in their pursuit of improved wellbeing. At a time when we are all very conscious of the importance of our health, this introduction is particularly significant, ”said Mark Lyons, PhD, President and CEO of Alltech.

“While employees associate Alltech with providing products and solutions for the agricultural sector, we have been researching the potential human health benefits of a number of our products for many years,” said Dr. Ronan Power, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Alltech: “Acute preparations emerged from part of this work. They have been extensively tested to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness. We firmly believe that consumers will value these supplements as an important part of their overall health system. “

Product of the incubator program

“Acutia is a new company, but 40 years of scientific innovation and proven nutritional expertise have uniquely empowered it. Acutia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alltech, is backed by Alltech Life Sciences, which conducts research on digestive health, cognitive health, brain function and cell health and whose innovations include a potential breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes. Acutia also has a unique start-up perspective developed through Alltech’s in-house incubator program, ”stated Nikki Putnam Badding, Registered Nutritionist and Director of Acutia.

The incubator program that Putnam Badding is referring to provides a way to test and develop new business ideas while members of the Alltech team can showcase their talents. In 2018, Putnam Badding led the Acutia project through the first cohort of Alltech’s internal incubator program.

Roll out

Acutia’s first line of products will be released in phases, starting with Acutia Selenium. The company said the supplement will help immune support, antioxidant benefits, and help maintain healthy thyroid function.

“Selenium deficiency affects 500 to 1 billion people worldwide, including in US regions. Acutia Selenium is available worldwide to fill the nutritional gap, ”said Putnam Badding. “As consumers increasingly look for nutritional supplements with immune-boosting ingredients, we can offer high-quality selenium – a nutrient that is known to support a healthy immune system.”

Later this spring, the company plans to launch Acutia Brain Health, a product that provides cognitive, brain health and antioxidant benefits through a combination of selenium, vitamin C and plant-based omega-3 DHA.

The company is expected to debut Acutia Digestive Health later this year.

The selenium contained in Acutia Selenium and Acutia Brain Health is made from a specialized, high-quality brewer’s yeast strain to optimize the quality, absorption, safety and effectiveness of the products.

Brewer’s yeast is an ingredient used in the manufacture of beer. Considered a probiotic, it is used to aid digestion.

Pearse Lyons, founder of Alltech, founded Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co., a joint brewing and distilling operation, in 1999.


“Sustainability is a priority in Acutia’s development and is a key component of our business. For Acutia, sustainability has two meanings: long-term wellbeing and the health of the planet we share, ”said Putnam Badding.

The customer’s first order is for a starter kit packaged in a reusable box that includes a reusable glass storage jar and travel container. Reorders are made in compostable refill packs.