Anika Moa opens up about dwelling with Sort 2 diabetes


Anika Moa spoke about how to be diagnosed as a diabetic in an emotional Instagram post.

The singer revealed that she first learned she had type 2 diabetes two years ago and described her initial feelings of shame and sadness as she struggled with the weight of the diagnosis.

Anika Moa announced that she had lived with type 2 diabetes for the past two years.

Nicky Claridge

Anika Moa announced that she had lived with type 2 diabetes for the past two years.

The radio host on the Hits Drive Show said she “broke down all of the layers I built up over the years mainly to protect myself from injury, pain and shame,” and stated that she was on a “journey of self-healing and discovery “been last year or so.

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The singer and entertainer wrote that she used comedy “as a means of distracting emotions” but said “something more serious Neeks is here now” before explaining her health situation.

Moa, 40, said her diagnosis was not a complete shock as diabetes “is widespread on my Māori side of my Whānau” and later commented that “a lot of people have it in Aotearoa”.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when your cells have become insulin resistant or your body is not making enough insulin and your body can no longer properly control its blood sugar levels.

Diabetes can lead to other health conditions, including kidney failure, eye diseases, and a higher risk of heart disease.

The Department of Health’s website states that over 250,000 people are diagnosed with diabetes in New Zealand, with the majority having Type 2. The number of people with both types of diabetes continues to rise – especially type 2.

According to the Department of Health, people with type 2 diabetes may be able to reverse diabetes and achieve remission through lifestyle and weight loss measures.

Moa went on to elaborate on the shame she felt upon learning that she had diabetes, but stated that she takes insulin and treats her illness well.

The mother of four said she worked to improve her diet and committed herself to sobriety as she wants to be healthy and present to one day see her moko (grandchildren) be born.

“I was ashamed at first and then cried a lot. I’m on insulin and I’m doing really well (right now lol), ”Moa wrote.

“I cut my sugar intake, run and sober.

“I’m trying to be healthy because I want to be there to see my Moko being born (Psycho Nana, here I come !!)”

Moa stated that she came to accept her illness and encouraged others to share stories about their own “truth”.

“I have accepted that I am diabetic and the only way is up and down, so yeah, that’s my truth. Which one is yours Let’s share. It will set you free! “