Apple Provides Postpartum Exercises to Health Plus


After introducing workouts targeting pregnant women in its Fitness+ service, Apple is adding new workouts for women who have recently given birth and want to get back in shape. So far, the iPhone maker has released seven workouts to help improve postpartum fitness.

Apple Fitness+ Postpartum Workouts

CNET reports that the new postpartum workouts will include strength and core exercises. These include exercises targeting the pelvic floor, or the group of muscles that support the organs in the pelvis. This area relaxes during the birthing process and should be restricted after giving birth.

New mothers who gave birth via either Caesarian section or normal vaginal delivery can do the postpartum workouts. But of course, it’s still safer to check first with a health care provider before beginning the exercises on Apple Fitness+.

Apple plans for seven new videos, each 10 minutes long, comprising core, strength, and mindfulness cooldown exercises. The postpartum workouts also include modifications depending on the mother’s conditions before and after delivery. Since the workouts are only 10 minutes long, new mothers have plenty of time to tend to their babies. The mindfulness cooldown sessions focus on stretching and messages about patience and self-care for new parents.

Reminders for Mothers Beginning Workout Regimens

The recommended amount of exercise and its intensity will vary from person to person. So, new mothers should know their limits when beginning any postpartum fitness plan. While it is recommended to stay active during the postpartum period for both the mother’s and baby’s sake, it’s still best to know one’s limitations. The key is to do postpartum workouts in moderation during the early stages after delivery and then gradually increase the intensity as one’s body gets more used to the workouts.

Apple Fitness+ availability and pricing

As a reminder, access to Apple Fitness+ is through a paid subscription. Monthly fees are at $9.99, but can be bundled as part of Apple One Premier Plan, which costs $29.95. Apple Fitness+ is currently available in 20 countries. New Apple Watch users can enjoy a month’s trial access for free.