Areas Financial institution launches digital Monetary Health Fridays | Information


Regions Bank announced the launch of Financial Fitness Fridays, a free, high-impact program that helps people across Alabama learn about the ways to build strong budgets and manage credit smartly.

Financial Fitness Fridays is based on free virtual seminars that are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they have a regional account. The main topics are credit and budgeting as they are vital to building and maintaining financial security. From buying a home to making other essential purchases to achieving a number of additional goals, having a good credit score is essential. And it’s within reach.

The next opportunity to find out about credit reports will be on Friday, January 29th. Alicia Somers, Regional Financial Wellness Relationship Manager, will be offering insights from 11:30 a.m. This session is also open to the public.

“The start of the year is a time when many people prioritize their financial health, and it gives us in the regions an opportunity to provide guidance and support to help people make a plan to meet their financial resolutions,” said Alan Register, Market Director of Regions Bank in Metro Birmingham. “We invite everyone to take advantage of Financial Fitness Fridays and learn more about the value of credit and practical ways to build a solid budget.”