Aromatherapy associates pure wellbeing residence assortment evaluation: Candles, oils and diffusers


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Presented in a dark blue recyclable cardboard box with a removable ribbon tie, this makes it easy to open and portable. Inside is the large, slim ceramic diffuser with seamless branding for raised letters. Our tester also unpacked an AC adapter, a USB cable, an essential oil opener, a replacement diffusion head, an empty bottle and six replacement oil lines, as well as an instruction manual.

We found that the top metal cover lifts off easily to reveal a main diffusion head. This is an attachment that is attached to your bottle of essential oils with an oil line to let the scent through. You remove the screw cap from your chosen essential oil bottle before using the flat, disc-shaped metal essential oil opener to also take out the dropper stopper. Then we resealed the bottle with the included diffusion head, reinserted it into the open slot and clicked it into place. Finally, we slid open the metal lid as well and that’s refreshingly all you have to do to set it up.

In order to initially use the diffuser without a cable, we had to charge it and this during the first test. You can continue to use the diffuser, but it will be attached to a wall. It took 90 minutes to charge the atomizer after we were ready to go straight out of the box and were fully cordless to use. At this point you will be warned by a red light.

We hit the on-off button to start and saw a soft ring of light under the metal plate. You can toggle this on or off, but we’re big fans of its softly glowing presence that adds to the coziness. The scent is released immediately. At this stage you can choose between the buttons between Standard and Boost and a duration of 30 minutes, one or three hours. It will then stop automatically. The standard mode changes for the selected duration between 13 seconds diffusion and 47 seconds without.

Meanwhile, the boost mode alternates between four minutes of diffusion and six minutes without. The diffusion-releasing moments are characterized by a quiet, not at all distracting, whirring noise. Since the Boost is a pretty strong amount of fragrance, it was recommended to use it for 30 minutes and only once a day. Probably, depending on the size of your living room, 30 minutes in standard mode was enough for our small lounge to bring out enough scent. More than that and the scent got too much. During work, thanks to its waterless air compression technology, the oil is dispersed in a microfine mist that you cannot see, which makes the experience feel clean.

Lightweight, easy to carry and wireless when fully charged. We love the atmospheric option for quick fragrance with no flame, clutter or visible mist. What if you want to swap essential oil bottles? After lifting those out in situ and reattaching the original top, we put a new diffusion head on our next bottle as previously described.

An empty bottle is included for maintenance cleaning, which we put into the atomizer before turning it on for five minutes in standard mode. Alternatively, alcohol, such as surgical spirit, can be used to rinse bottles, brush the diffusion heads, and remove oil residue. A soft, damp cloth acts on the ceramic body and the disc of the atomizer and ensures that you then dry the metal lid with a dry cloth.

We are easy to use and maintain and we really rate how understandable this luxury home fragrance purchase is. It is undoubtedly a decent investment, however, as you will need to purchase a bottle of essential oils as well. However, we thought the price was justified given its user-friendly technology. In addition, the stunning white ceramic holder is a desirable interior accessory even when not in use.