‘Automobile Trek’ Ferrari Wins Social Media Problem Thanks To Health Mannequin


YouTuber Tavarish went in a slightly different direction than Ed Bolian and Tyler Hoover to photograph his own status stallion.

We continue to follow the journey of three men who make a living from cars on YouTube and have decided to do a show about them. Since debuting last year, Car Trek has unveiled a number of automotive disasters, and their most recent challenge involving three old Ferraris is no different. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful FerrariBecause of this, a fitness model was recruited for a social media challenge.

Ferrari Track Day

But not until the boys hit the Motorsports Ranch circuit, which is just behind my back yard, southeast of Fort Worth, Texas. This was a chance to get the power out of their Ferraris after we know how much work at least two of them took. So far, Tyler Hoover (Hoovie’s Garage) has been the overall winner after the first few challenges.

Then Ed Bolian hit the track in his Ferrari 599 with V-12 drive. His gray GTB Fiorano, fitted with the HGTE handling package, was 25 seconds faster than Tavarish’s 1978 308 GTB. This should come as no surprise as it isn’t the first stripped-down V-8 supercar he drove for the show.

Before completing the track experience, they lined up their Ferraris for a handicap race. Tavarish, the slowest, started first before Hoover started behind him 13 seconds later, and Bolian another 12. Hoovers 456 GT took another win on a Ferrari supercar length.

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This social media challenge

Tavarish’s YouTube

For their next assignment, the boys were asked to post their Ferraris on Instagram in order to gain the most likes with their status stallions. They each went different directions to get the most feedback. Hoover went to a nearby auto museum full of classic movies while Bolian took a slide shot in a mud field. In the meantime, Tavarish took a slightly different route. Light.

According to Tavarish, his idea of ​​being insta-famous includes a parking lot, great lighting thanks to a sunset; Oh yes and a beautiful woman. Marnie (spell check inevitable) is a fitness model who volunteered to help the old red Ferrari go viral. It’s a mix of joy and ambiguous humor while both doing seductive poses. You can watch it drop off from the 22 minute mark.

599 Surprised, surprising

Long since it decided to play the role of Moses and try to separate flash floods, the V-12 Super Coupe continues to impress in the hands of Bolian. Yes, the fuel gauge isn’t working and could at some point get it stuck for which the Car Trek camera crew will save it, but that doesn’t make the 599 any less desirable.

We’ll see if that is the case when the guys go on a 1000 mile road trip to learn more about their cars.

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