Begin slowly, goal excessive, get steerage in establishing an train program | Health


Setting goals is necessary in order to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

“If you don’t set specific goals first, it’s extremely difficult to maximize your results,” said Croner.

He said don’t be afraid to set the bar high.

“If the goals are too vague (lose a few pounds or get in better shape) it’s a lot easier to rationalize the lack of exercise after those goals are met,” said Croner.

It can be difficult to stay motivated after starting a new exercise routine.

“If the voice in your head creates an apology, you have to force yourself to do the opposite,” White said. “Just go to the gym.”

If you have taken a break from training, do not overdo it when restarting a training program.

“If you’re reviving an old exercise routine that you haven’t done in a while, it’s extremely important to get back on the program,” said Croner. “Although you are familiar with the routine, it is still extremely important for your body to get used to the stress that is being put back on it.”

Zimmer recommends the MyFitnessPal app to keep you updated. It allows users to set goals such as: B. the amount of weight they want to lose and it can provide a timeline to help you achieve those goals.