Billie Lourd Says She Had a ‘Lil Gestational Diabetes Scare’ Throughout Being pregnant with Son Kingston


Kurt Krieger / Corbis via Getty Images Billie Lourd

Billie Lourd talks about the best and most challenging aspects of pregnancy.

The 28-year-old Scream Queens actress, who welcomed her first child, son Kingston Fisher, in September, shared some new details about her pregnancy over the weekend and answered fan questions on Instagram.

When asked about her pregnancy trip, Lourd said the second trimester was “best” for her, although the third trimester also held a special place in her heart “because you can finally get to know your baby.”

And while the first trimester may be challenging, the mother of one wrote that the rest of the experience more than makes up for it. “You get through and it’s worth more than every second of weird moods / acne / all that funny jazz by the time your little human arrives,” she wrote.

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Billie Lourd / Instagram

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Another challenging part of Lourd’s pregnancy? Not being able to indulge in their greatest desires.

Although the star shared that she craved “ice cream” the most at first, everything changed after she had a “little gestational diabetes scare”.

“Then it was turnips?!?!” She wrote. “I happen to know, but that’s pregnancy mood for you !!!”

Billie Lourd / Instagram

In a sweet nod to her late mother Carrie Fisher, Lourd also revealed that she and her fiancé Austen Rydell would absolutely pass on their love for Star Wars to their son.

“Duhhh,” she wrote when asked by a fan next to a photo of a whimsical light switch with the words “light side” and “dark side” on it, a nod to either side of the troupe.

The story goes on

“This is the light switch in his room,” she added.

Billie Lourd / Instagram

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Billie Lourd honors mother Carrie Fisher with the matching tattoo on her birthday

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The Booksmart actress previously announced that she “loved being pregnant”.

“It was the greatest experience,” she said last month while working with Bruce with her stepfather Bruce Bozzi in SiriusXM’s quarantine.

“It just had to be something I shared with the people I loved most. It was so incredible and made my pregnancy so magical and wonderful that I wasn’t expecting,” she added. “I just have to eat good food, hang out with the people I love, make Legos all the time.”

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“I wanted to be a mother since I was 2 years old, I always had a plan,” she continued. “When I was three years old, I would tell you, ‘I want like four kids. I want like one at 28,’ which is weird because I had Kingston when I was 28 and it ended up happening, but it’s even better than I ever expected. “

“This baby is absolute magic,” enthused Lourd.