Bob Bradley offers Carlos Vela health replace forward of El Trafico 


“I think he’s started the season fresh with a good attitude and obviously the first two games are dangerous,” said Bradley of Chicharito. “His ability in the box still sets him apart from a lot of other strikers. And as I mentioned before, Greg understands that, the team understands that and you get the feeling that the whole group is excited, that he’s fitter and good at one Mood because they know how important he could be this season.

“There certainly was [El Trafico] Games with the game open. I think this game is going to be interesting and maybe a little different because I think Greg’s ideas are different from some of the managers who had them before. It’s different when Chicharito is yours [number] 9 against if Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] is your 9. But what doesn’t change is how much it means to the fans and how high the intensity will be. “