Bought Some Leftover Rotis? Give A Twist To Your Rotis With These 7 Yummy Western Recipes


An Indian meal is laden with tons of food. Whether dal, sabzi, rice, lettuce or quark, none of these items is complete without roti. While we make new things every day, roti is one such food that is a staple in Indian cuisine. And since we cook rotis every day, some of them can be left in the dabbas that we throw away the next day. But what if we told you you could use your leftover rotis to make some interesting western dishes !? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it !? These delicious recipes will enrich your dining table and give you an interesting new taste! So if you want to use leftover rotis too, make these delicious recipes!

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Here are 7 recipes made from leftover rotis

1. Roti tacos

Tacos are always a great choice as they are filled with vegetables, sauces, and cheese! All you have to do is mix your favorite veggies with masala and make a taco out of the roti. This dish is easy to prepare and your kids will love it. For the full recipe click here.

These tacos fill your stomach in no time

2. Chowmein bread

Who doesn’t love some delicious Indochinese recipes? They’re easy to make and delicious to have, plus making chowmein from rotis is a great alternative to making noodles. To prepare this dish, cut rotis into long noodles and mix them with the Chinese flavors and sauces. You will be ready with this dish in no time.


Give your regular pasta a twist

3. Roti chips

Some crispy and flavorful chips are best when you feel like eating. So, turn these rotis into tasty chips. To do this, first cut the roti into small pieces, oil both sides and add masalas such as red chilli, salt, pepper or a piri-piri spice mixture. Then bake until crispy and enjoy with a delicious garlic dip.


Image from Unsplash

4. Turn pasta

Pasta is one of the dishes that most of us love. To make roti pasta, first cut long pieces of roti and add the red pasta sauce with vegetables and spices. Mix these well and serve hot!

5. Roti pizza

If you’re looking for a healthy version of pizza, this recipe is sure to be a must! First add the pizza sauce with vegetables and cheese to the roti. Next, sprinkle some oregano or chilli flakes and bake this roti pizza either in the oven or in the pan. It will be absolutely delicious.


Devour a pizza with roti

6. Roti rollers

Buns are always satisfying and full of vegetables, tikkis, sauces and so on. So use the leftover roti and wrap them up with some crispy potato tikkis, vegetables tossed in masalas, and of course, tasty sauces like red chili sauce, mayonnaise, mustard sauce, and other things of your choosing.


They are delicious to have

7. Roti quesadilla

Do you want something fulfilling, cheesy, and full of veggies? Then this recipe is perfect for it. For the roti quesadilla, first add a little tomato sauce as a base, cover with vegetables and lots of cheese. Put another roti on top and fry until the cheese melts. When you’re done, have it with a delicious dip and enjoy!


Try a roti quesadilla

Use your leftover recipes with these delicious recipes and turn them into western dishes. Make these meals and let us know which one you liked best.