Brett Younger Shares His Quarantine Health Objective to “Look Like A Superhero”


by Marcus K. Dowling

10m ago

Just like most of us who ate a few extra servings of lockdown, country star Brett Young woke up one day, weighed himself – after 14 months – and found he had gained 20 pounds. Young says, “I kept saying, I’ll be going back to the gym next week.” But when we finally got there in 2021, I said, ‘Something has to change. ‘“

The singer behind the latest hit “Lady” hired celebrity trainer Don Saladino to help achieve his fitness goals. The famous coach’s clients include Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Sebastian Stan and Jake Gyllenhaal. As for why he chose Saladino, Young is optimistic: “I don’t want to play a superhero. I just wanna look like this. “

“I’m 6-6, so 20 pounds for me is probably more like 10 or 12 pounds for the average 5-10 man,” Young continues with his training goals. “Weight drops faster, but 20 pounds is 20 pounds.”

Young is also asking fans to join him on his fitness journey through his new website The website also provides incentives for users to achieve goals, from garden supplements to On Cloud shoes, Trifecta food deliveries, and Halo sports drinks.

Much like so many at home, Young misses the road too, but is happy to be a home father to Presley Elizabeth, his new daughter, two other children, and wife Taylor, who are now expecting their fourth child.

Young’s ultimate goals? Determined to get healthier for his wife and children, he wants to be on the cover of a men’s fitness magazine.