Brightland’s Mini Necessities Olive Oil and Vinegar Set Is Again in Inventory


We’ve talked about the high quality Brightland olive oils and vinegars a few times and for good reason. These carefully curated pantry masterpieces are well worth the hype, and everything from the brand’s garlic-flavored oil to the kitchen candle has received accolades from the Food & Wine editors.

The Mini Essentials Set – a collection of four 3.4-ounce bottles of olive oil and vinegar – is no exception and is finally back in stock today. The set has been sold out three times since it started last October. And yes, it is expected to sell out again quickly.

The collection of four 100ml bottles includes Brightland’s two best-selling olive oils, Awake and Alive, and two fruity vinegars, Parasol and Rapture, all packaged in a bright (no pun intended), colorful and sweetly decorated box . Sure, the bottles and packaging are great gift options, but they’re also a better way to experience some of Brightland’s signature products if you’ve never tried them before. They are particularly suitable for small kitchens and overcrowded pantries or for those who live with too little space (or under too many kitchen tools).

The set offers customers practically everything they could want from a combination of olive oil and vinegar. The Awak Oil has “herbal notes” that complement everything from soups and pasta to baked potatoes and roast chicken, while the Alive Oil has a “buttery, smooth” taste intended for baking, dressing salads and wrapping in marinades . Then there are the two vinegars – a “light, citric”, double-fermented champagne vinegar made from Chardonnay grapes and navel and Valencia oranges, and a raw balsamic vinegar made from Zinfandel grapes and blackberries.

Aside from the high quality ingredients, what makes Brightland stand out is the fact that the olives used for its oil were harvested in November 2020, which makes these olive oils incredibly fresh.

If you’re lucky enough to grab one of these all-important mini-sets before they sell out again, we recommend that you hit the “Add to Cart” button several times. This gourmet gift has a tendency to fade away, and you may want to pick one up for yourself too. Trust us.