British Health Ranges Similar or Higher for 56% Regardless of Lockdown In keeping with Ballot


Market research illuminates consumer behavior in the sports and outdoor sector

May 10, 2021: 56% of UK adults say their fitness stayed the same or improved during the lockout year. This emerges from research published today by Commerce Futures, the event and media publisher. The study, which asked the opinions of over 4,000 adults, also reports that nearly a third (32%) found that lockdown made them fitter, with only 19% saying the restrictions made them feel less fit.

UK lockdown fitness trends

The four most popular lockdown fitness activities were running (26%), walking (24%), outdoor biking (21%), and home gym (20%), followed by yoga and indoor biking, each rated by less than 8% were selected. Emotional wellbeing (31%) was the main motivator for exercise, followed by the need to get fitter (28%) and lose weight (16%) for respondents.

Lockdown also provided an opportunity to try something new: weights at home (25%), outdoor biking (21%), and running (16%) were the most common new activities that respondents said they tried for the first time.

Jamie Hancox, Founder of Commerce Futures, said: “We conducted this survey with our partners Alpkit, ZAAZEEE, HIGH5 and Reflex to shed light on the impact of the lockdown on consumers’ fitness activities and, in particular, the way they shop. By collecting the opinions of loyal customers across a range of brands in this way, we were able to consolidate data and identify trends in the market that individual brands can use to benchmark and plan. “

Hancox continues, “We are now actively speaking to more sports and outdoor brands to help them understand consumer behavior in the context of a broader market analysis, so we continue to build this up-to-date and independent picture of the way they do Brits to include sports and outdoor activities in their lives if Britain emerges from lockdown. “

Abbie Cranfield, Events Coordinator at Commerce Futures added, “Consumers’ appetites for sports and outdoor activities have been severely affected by the lockdown, with some companies doing exceptionally well while others suffer. When we get out of lockdown there will be additional opportunities and challenges. Our data is designed to shed light on these unprecedented market conditions so brands can navigate the turmoil and reduce uncertainty. “


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