Brooklyn President to Biden: We Want a Dialogue on Plant-Primarily based Diet


This week, Brooklyn Borough President and vegan attorney Eric L. Adams urged the Biden-Harris administration to adopt guidelines promoting plant-based diets to the American public. Adams is one of a growing roster of executives who publicly support the JIVINITI Women’s Coalition – a diverse group of organizations composed primarily of women of color and run by the nonprofit Virsa Foundation, which is committed to promoting plant-based nutrition initiatives for social Righteousness works. In December, the group launched a campaign to challenge Vice President Kamala Harris to go vegan in January and beyond, to set a plant-based example for all Americans.

Make plant-based a national conversation
Adams went vegan in 2016 and has used his political platform to help fellow New Yorkers take control of their health through several plant-based initiatives. “I wholeheartedly support the JIVINITI coalition in initiating these important talks that will focus on women of skin color in the United States and on marginalized women worldwide,” said Adams. “We need to turn food deserts into food oases, especially in color communities where food is scarce. By switching to a whole-food plant-based diet, I learned the transformative power of what’s on our plate. With the new Biden Harris administration in place, it is time to have this conversation nationally. “

Alongside Adams, 13-year-old vegan activist Genesis Butler and British entrepreneur Heather Mills are advocating support for JIVINTI’s mission and joining the call to the Biden Harris government to promote the plant-based diet of all Americans. “I urge the Biden-Harris administration to take steps to end large-scale animal husbandry and end systemic racism and the health crisis,” Butler said. “My generation looks up to our national leaders – especially powerful women leaders like Vice President Harris – to ensure a happy and healthy world for tomorrow.”

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