Carver’s Sasha Buck shares her ardour at Capital Health


CARVER – A gym can be a daunting place, but a young retiree wants older adults to know they don’t have to be.

For 66 year old young retiree Sasha Buck of Capital Fitness at 2 Commerce Way in Carver, it’s important that her coworkers feel comfortable while exercising and exercising for their health.

Buck is certified as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise and can work with clients 55+ at all fitness levels after taking and passing her December exam after studying for nearly a year. She can train anywhere in the world and has focused on the elderly.

“I think they’re scared of going to the gym because they’ll feel just like me when they don’t know what I’m doing, but my goal is to get people to keep moving,” she said . “You don’t have to train like a madman. At this age you can’t, but there is a lot you can do. “

Carver's Sasha Buck welcomes other retirees to her new fitness class at Capital Fitness on 2 Commerce Way in Carver.

It’s her mission to work with people who are afraid to exercise by teaching them what they can and making them feel comfortable, she said, so the classes she teaches are more low-key . She said she was in the kind of pain other people her age have so she could understand the challenges.

“I want people to move around and do things that they don’t think they can, but as long as they slowly get involved, they can,” she added. I just think it makes all the difference in the world. You only have one body so do it. “

The 35-year-old Carver resident said lifting weights was one of the best things to do at her age, considering how heavy they are. She said the body just has to get used to it and you build up.

She just joined the team but has been with Capital Fitness for a year. Buck drove a school bus in Carver for 14 years and retired from Macy’s in November. She wondered what she was going to do next and decided to share her passion for fitness. She feels that she has found her calling.

She said Capital Fitness is such a positive, family place that is different from other gyms because of its owner, Christopher Capilli, who opened more than two years ago.

She said not everyone would support her the way he did, but Capilli immediately welcomed the idea of ​​fitness classes for older adults and she’s there for everything from fitness training to the book club practically every day.

She offers hour-long classes that start with stretching and get your heart pumping before you work out, followed by a cool down and more stretching. She also offers personal training courses for an hour or half an hour. Her first grade was Tuesday.

Buck has always been into fitness and was a runner for 45 years until problems with her spine slowed her down. When she joined Koko Fit Club, a Kingston Collection digital gym, she was hooked on exercising. When it went out of business, she found Capital Fitness.

Buck said she was a bit of an enigma because she trains hard and only has one day off, but her clients aren’t expected to be the same. She loves what she does and she wants them to enjoy themselves and most importantly, get moving.

Buck can be reached by email at or through the Capital Fitness website at /.

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