College students train with residence exercises, attempt wholesome recipes, because of USA Olympic athlete Lavetta Tevis


Lavetta Tevis, an American Olympic athlete who brought weightlifting to afterschool programs in Covington schools, is focused on keeping kids moving and providing them with healthy snack options even though Covington students have been stuck at home for months. It offers two training videos and two nutritional recipes per week, which can be accessed HERE via the virtual CLC program of the 21st century.

Lavetta encourages students to use whatever they have at home to stay active.

“Since most kids don’t have a home gym or have limited or no equipment at home, I try to put together workouts that target their body weight,” she said. “I built in a skipping rope that most students have. I use cans of soup / vegetables and water jugs filled with water as weights and a mop or broomstick or a PVC pipe as a barbell. “

The workouts include a variety of exercises such as sit ups, pushups, squats, planks, and lunges. Students can deadlift with water jugs or bicep curls with tin cans. The workouts are usually timed or done in laps. Lavetta taught students to measure their heart rate before and after a workout and to drink plenty of water.

She films her workouts at Florence Strength and Conditioning in Florence.

Lavetta is a home cooked meal and tries to offer students simple recipes using ingredients they may have at home. “I try to choose simple and healthy recipes that usually have five or fewer ingredients,” she said. “These ingredients are very common and a staple in the kitchen like honey, milk, peanut butter etc. I also try to introduce some of my favorite ingredients like Greek yogurt, almond milk, mangoes, blueberries etc. to the students. etc.”

As an example, she taught students how to make frozen yogurt-coated blueberries with just two ingredients – Greek vanilla yogurt and blueberries. If a recipe calls for a stove, knife, or items that require adult help, it prompts students for help from an older sibling, parent, guardian, or grandparent.

Although this school year has been difficult for students, families, and staff, Lavetta feels that she has had healthy experiences for the students. “I think my classes kept the students moving,” she said. “They learned how to get good training with the resources they had around the house. My recipes were short and sweet and gave students a chance to experiment with various healthy foods and create a healthy snack option for themselves. “

Lavetta is a graduate of Holmes High School and “happy to be part of the team” helping students on their health and wellness journey. “I’ve been with Covington Partners since February 2019 and loved every minute,” said Lavetta.

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