Coniston dad with diabetes shares his inspiring weight reduction story


A man diagnosed with type 2 diabetes changed his life after losing five stones in weight in a matter of months.

Mathew Kiziuk of Water Yeat near Coniston said the wake up call he needed came while he was on vacation last year when he was struggling to balance due to nerve problems in his toes which resulted in that he fell and couldn’t get on top.

The 42-year-old said two Germans would have to help him lift his 23-stone frame out of the ground.

Nor could he be active with his children as before, which was the real reason for his change.

BEFORE: Mathew Kiziuk on his previous diet while on vacation in Greece

“I came back from this vacation totally depressed and overweight,” said the regional manager of SAIC MAXUS UK.

“Stewart from the Hospital Trust’s Barrow Diabetes Team was phenomenal and put me in touch with a nutritionist who I spoke to about what needs to be changed.”

The father of two said he had saved sugary foods, potatoes, bread and rice and replaced them with homemade salads and low-fat meats like chicken and fish.

HEALTHY: Mathew Kiziuk on the shakes

HEALTHY: Mathew Kiziuk on the shakes

This way of life has not only cut him down to just over 18 stones, it has also resulted in him having more energy, feeling healthier, being able to spend more time with his family cooking, and even preventing him from snoring.

“I’ve always been a big boy and had times when I wasn’t the healthiest. If I can do that, anyone can,” he said.

“If you have the desire and the attitude to do it, you can do it!”

Mr Kiziuk’s target weight is 16 stones so he still has a lot to do, but given the progress he has made since this change started in mid-November, it is only a matter of time before he hits that mark.

On his return to work after the Christmas season – when he lost a pound despite indulging in the full luxury of Christmas dinner – he made a conscious effort to plan his meals so that he didn’t fall back into his old snacking methods, and he hit suggest that those having this problem should choose rice cakes as a healthier option.

When people ask him how much weight he has lost, he simply takes his pet, the Hungarian Vizsla Enzo, as a representation of weight, which he says he can’t believe he was carrying around.

PET: Mathew Kiziuk with dog Enzo

PET: Mathew Kiziuk with dog Enzo

“It’s been a real journey,” he said. “But it was positive, I can’t imagine anything bad that came out of it.

“It actually brought us closer together as a family.”

The current program he is participating in has shown that more than half of the participants have reversed their type 2 diabetes, which Mr Kiziuk hopes will be in the near future.