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Jeffrey Epstein’s prison guards avoid the prison

Two prison guards who admitted to falsifying records the night Jeffrey Epstein killed himself received approval from a federal judge Tuesday to end the criminal case against them and let them avoid prison. The defendants, Michael Thomas, who left the courthouse here last year, and Tova Noel had been accused of falling asleep, shopping online and reading the sports news instead of checking for Epstein every 30 minutes at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan The New York coroner called his death a suicide. The deal stipulates that Noel and Thomas will be released under custody for six months and complete 100 hours, and they will also need to work with an investigation by the US Department of Justice’s Inspector General to investigate the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death. The investigation began under then Attorney General William Barr, who was upset that a high-profile inmate like Epstein was able to commit suicide.