Corinne Sikora Heart, Organnons launch diet partnership


Main St. Missions, a nonprofit that supports the Corinne Sikora Wellness and Support Center, has partnered with Organnons Natural Market to provide healthy nutritional options to patients treated at the center.

The Corinne Sikora Wellness and Support Center is a 5,000 square foot cancer center for patients, families and caregivers at the Heritage Center in Buckingham.

Organnons, which has markets in Wrightstown and New Britain, will have a custom nutritional cooking program and juice bar at the center. Organic products are also provided to support the food and nutrition program.

The cooking program features chefs from Bucks County working side by side with certified nutritionists and dietitians to prepare and cook healthy foods for patients, their families and caregivers.

At the Corinne Sikora Center:The community is joining forces to support Central Bucks educator’s dream of providing free assistance to cancer patients

The program allows participants to take home ingredients to recreate the meals prepared for them at the center. A full-service juice station sponsored by Organnons offers a variety of fresh beverages, including kombucha, wheatgrass, carrots, and celery juice.

A “Round Up” fundraising campaign will continue in May, allowing customers to “round up” the purchase of their orders from Organnons. 100% of the proceeds go to the Corinne Sikora Wellness & Support Center.

The center will be a place where patients can meet their non-medical - but critical - emotional, physical, social, and lifestyle needs throughout their journey of treatment, recovery, and beyond.  The center will welcome anyone battling cancer, regardless of where they are being treated.

The Corinne Sikora Wellness and Support Center provides non-medical services to meet the emotional, physical, social and lifestyle needs of cancer patients and their families. The offer includes nutrition courses, self-help groups, book clubs, acupuncture, energy treatment, advice, yoga and fitness.

“Since Corinne envisioned the center, we have known that food and nutrition will play an important role in the center’s ecosystem,” said Keith Fenimore, executive director of Main St. Missions’ 100 highest quality organic foods % donation, which we recognized as very high demand. Kudos to Jim Gannon for looking beyond the bottom line and working to ensure that our program and our patients thrive. “

The centre’s fundraiser has already raised more than $ 300,000, halfway through its $ 600,000 goal. The nonprofit is looking for additional founding partners to join in their efforts. Contact

For information or to make a donation, visit