Coronavirus: Kiwi COVID misinformation group Voices for Freedom removes web page selling ‘important oils’


Questioning science

Newshub asked Voices for Freedom what medical or scientific qualifications their organizers had. Bland said the group’s material was “not intended as medical or legal advice”.

“We are also in contact with scientists, epidemiologists, virologists, molecular biologists, psychiatrists and legal teams from New Zealand and around the world. We see these voices and opinions as valid as those who regularly appear on New Zealand news.” ”

Newshub asked Voices for Freedom to identify what “scientists, researchers and experts in their fields” they have been working with, particularly epidemiologists – experts on the spread of infectious diseases – and especially virologists. Bland said Voices for Freedom “try not to bring conflict and disorder into anyone’s life, which is exactly what would happen if we named them in the media,” and therefore declined to name any.

However, there are some “experts” who like to quote them. Earlier this week, the group sponsored an online summit called “Truth About Fear,” which was attended by “frontline doctors, scientists, lawyers, researchers and journalists.”

Newshub took a look at some of the people involved. This included people touting unproven COVID-19 cures, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, a retired real estate appraiser, people involved in the January 6th Uprising at the U.S. Capitol, far-right bloggers, and a man talking about the biblical flood speculated was caused by a close encounter with another planet.