COVID cannot cease Shelton couple’s expanded health operation


SHELTON – Fitness has become of paramount importance to many during the pandemic. One of the beneficiaries is the couple of Jolene Messere and David Telesco.

The couple recently celebrated the expansion of their Shelton fitness facility with the opening of Pilates Barre at their new location at 415 River Road.

Pilates Barre was in the White Hills Shopping Plaza but outgrew this room that forced the move, they said.

“We really tried to build a community here … with the people who come to us,” said Messere. “We take a personalized, family approach and want to make fitness affordable.”

When the pandemic led to government-mandated shutdowns of fitness facilities almost a year ago, Messere and her husband turned to a virtual format – working with clients in a one-to-one environment from their computer screen.

“We wanted to keep people busy … we adjusted to keep going,” said Messere.

And the move worked, she said, as clients continued to show interest in the couple’s workout style.

An increased clientele may have forced Pilates Barre to move, but Messere said all the couple did was open the newest gym, The Fit Club, in what is now free space.

This gives the couple a total of three fitness facilities: Pilates Barre, The Fit Club and Anything Goes Fitness, which also opened in the White Hills Shopping Center in 2015.

Messere said she and Telesco have “adjusted and continue to work hard to do what it takes to help others achieve their fitness goals, regardless of the obstacles.”

The Pilates barre focuses on flexibility and creating a mind-body connection, Messere said. Barre courses as well as reformer courses are offered to lengthen and strengthen the body.

“Our repainted red walls build the confidence, excitement, and energy to motivate your workout,” Messere said.

According to Messere, the Fit Club with a newly hired group of trainers is geared towards intense cardio and offers a variety of energetic small group courses.

According to Messere, Anything Goes Fitness offers personalized training sessions both in person and via live stream.

Across all gyms, Messere said the mission was to train in small groups or individually with an emphasis on “community”.

For more information, visit or follow all three gyms on Facebook.