Diabetes affected person discharged with cannulas nonetheless in each his arms


A 38-year-old hospital patient was sent home with plastic tubes on both arms.

Now the Accrington family wants to know why he was released so early without proper care.

The East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust apologized and encouraged anyone who feels they have received less than expected care to contact them directly.

Diabetes patient Zaheer Khan was admitted to the Royal Blackburn Hospital on Monday April 26 after an ambulance was called at 10:40 p.m. A day later, he was taken to the hospital to be picked up by the family.

When the family took him home, they found that he still had a cannula, a small flexible plastic tube that was inserted into his veins in both arms.

His sister Ghazala said, “It’s just shocking that they let him go home like that.”

She said the family called an ambulance after Zaheer’s blood sugar levels became very high and his ketone levels increased.

“He felt tired and sick, so we called the ambulance.

“The next day I called and specifically asked if he had been released.

“They said they did and they just took him to the hospital and left him there for pickup.

“When he got home, he wanted to rest and later took off his jacket. My other brother noticed that he still has both cannulas in both arms.

“It was pretty shocking that this could happen.”

Another ambulance came later to take her out, but the family said Zaheer was quite upset with the experience. Ghazala said, “It upset my family that my brother did not have the care he should have been when he was released from the hospital.

“That also makes us ask questions. Did he get the care he needed in the hospital?

“No family member could visit or be present. It’s very annoying. ”

Chris Pearson, Head Nurse for the NHS Trust at East Lancashire Hospitals, said: “We are very sorry to hear about this family’s experience. Since we are committed to maintaining patient confidentiality, it would not be appropriate to comment on individual cases in the press.

“We urge anyone who feels they have received care that is below expectations, and indeed our own high standards, to contact us directly so we can work together to resolve problems . so that we can continuously improve and ensure that lessons are learned when needed. ”