Diabetes-focused healthcare startup Breathe Properly-being raises $ 1 million in pre-series A spherical led by 3one4 Capital


Thanks to the pandemic, many companies have seen significant financial growth this year, thanks in particular to the unprecedented surge in business opportunities in India. Almost all industries seem to be growing rapidly, but health and wellness-oriented companies arguably saw the biggest boom last year and are gaining attention in mutual funds.

YC-backed health technology startup Breathe Wellbeing took advantage of this boom and raised a staggering $ 1 million in a pre-series A funding round led by 3one4 Capital.

Well-known angel investors such as Ashish Gupta, Suhail Sameer and Anjali Bansal also took part in the fundraising activities.

The Gurugram-based Breathe Well-Being was founded last year by Aditya Kaicker and Rohan Verma and is already recording significant growth (an average of 30% per month).

The company offers an interactive, playful approach to reducing the incidence and severity of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a condition that affects most of the Indian population. The Breathe Well-Being package is fully digital and the membership base (already growing to 22 times the original population) helps reduce the impact diabetes has on the body in terms of HbA1c and weight. Useful.

It provides a platform for diabetics to learn about their condition through interactive videos and to talk to others who are suffering from the same health problems. In addition, it provides tools for reducing stress and tracking lifestyle for the general health of the user. Not only that. To give positive direction to this very grave situation, participating in community challenge and rewards programs offers a competitive twist on otherwise difficult illnesses.

The company recently announced that it will be expanding the program to all members by an additional month, taking into account the health of people with diabetes on condition of coronavirus infection (COVID-19). In addition, the Covid Special Yoga program will be introduced to maintain the health and immunity of the users. Breathe claims the annual health program made a difference to 10,000+ customers through a platform available as both iOS and Android apps.

For the future, the company plans to further expand its user base by expanding its services and strengthening its platform.

Rohan Verma, CEO of Breathe Wellbeing, said about the company’s future: a healthier life. Current funding is an important part of our journey as we see significant pull on both the user and bus side. The funds raised will help us expand our technology and coaching skills, and will also allow us to grow exponentially. “

Anurag Ramdasan, Principal and Head of Investment at 3one4 Capitals, is still excited about the collaboration and says that Rohan and Aditya gave amazing insights into how the company was built. He has an incredible team at Breathe Wellbeing with extensive expertise in healthcare, community and lifestyle management, perfect for healthcare startups to create a healthcare revolution in digital sales. He added that he expects to be there.

Diabetes-focused healthcare startup Breathe Wellbeing is raising $ 1 million in a pre-series A round led by 3one4 Capital

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