Diabetes prevalence in Himachal greater than nationwide common : The Tribune India


Shimla, February 4th

The prevalence of diabetes in Himachal Pradesh is higher than the national average. In terms of obesity, the state ranks sixth in the country, matching the national average for high blood pressure.

These shocking revelations were made in the pan-Indian ICMR-India-Diabetes study, conducted in 29 states and two union territories over the past decade. “For a state that was believed to do much better than most other states, at least on these parameters, the results are shocking,” said Dr. Jitender Mokta, the study’s lead researcher in Himachal Pradesh.

“Diabetes and obesity have become of concern in rural areas and among women alike. Compared to the national average of 10 percent, the prevalence of diabetes in Himachal is 11.5 percent. While the prevalence in men is 11.6 percent, it is 11.4 percent in women, ”said Dr. Mokta. “Compared to 7.80 percent in rural areas of the country, the prevalence of diabetes in Himachal’s rural areas is 11.2 percent,” he added.

He said the ratio of known cases of diabetes to unknown cases in the state is 1: 1. – TNS