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The Queen’s statement calls on Harry and Meghan to speak out again

Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images It took two days, but when the queen’s testimony finally arrived it was clear. Without calling the liars of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the statement – issued on behalf of the Queen and personally signed by her after 36 hours. The intense discussions between Prince Charles, the Queen, Prince William and their officers made it clear that the Queen and the royal family do not accept the couple’s claims in their blockbuster interview with Oprah Winfrey. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah interview were a deep fee for the royal family “The whole family is sad to learn how challenging the past few years have been for Harry and Meghan,” the statement reads (which carefully implies this is the first Time was that they heard the whole story). . “The questions raised, especially those of race, concern. While some memories can vary, they are taken very seriously and addressed privately by the family. “The iron fist is well hidden by the velvet glove of genteel and reserved language, but these four key words -” some memories may vary “- make it clear that the palace denies the allegations made against it. In this way, the palace puts the explosive ball back in Harry and Meghan’s court, silently asking them to identify the family member who had “concerns” about the darkness of the unborn Archie’s skin and describe the situation in detail. The palace may also be referring to Meghan’s claim that she received no assistance because of her mental health issues, which led her to consider suicide. One thing is clear: at least the palace does not yet intend to bring these details to the public. And so any unanswered questions remain open, and the palace makes it clear that they are not being made to say anything. There will be no apology, no personal statement from the Queen. After Diana’s death, the monarchy played rabbits in the spotlight. it froze, doing nothing, hoping it would all go away. Ultimately, Tony Blair had to tell the Queen (politely, respectfully) to get on TV and address the nation. So did the Queen, and the people welcomed a new era of more open monarchy. Forward 23 years and it appears the old school shutters are closed again. Harry and Meghan’s explosive interview has led some to believe the monarchy may be in jeopardy and others that the palace should be forced to respond to the couple’s explosive claims. But no. This time they won’t let an oncoming media juggernaut bring them down. Reportedly, the family, struck at six at six by the unexpectedly angry and bitter detail of the couple’s interview, had spent the past few days wrestling with the natural desire to push back, to be labeled as racists, and against the deliberation Weighing that any statement denying racism could provoke Sussexes to name the member of the royal family who raised “concerns” about their son’s skin color. “There’s a lack of trust,” a source told the Evening Standard. “A refusal could result in the Sussexes breaking their vows and naming the royal family who talked about their son’s skin color.” The traditional palace strategy of “never complain, never explain” was combined in this new statement with a desire to push back – firmly and very politely – against the couple’s allegations of racism and lack of care. The palace says it will address the issue “privately”. The implicit condemnation of Meghan and Harry’s very public airing of the Windsors’ dirty laundry is also evident. But, without making it clear that the palace is actually doing something, compare that statement to the rush to announce an investigation into Meghan’s alleged employee bullying last week. The palace seems to focus more on the latter than what the Sussexes claimed. Did it find out who the family member was making the alleged remarks? Does the statement challenge the claim that it happened? It is said that a prepared, general statement affirming the Queen’s personal affection for Harry and Meghan was torn up by the monarch on Monday morning after reading briefing notes compiled by courtiers who did the Stayed up all night to watch the show (The Telegraph reported that Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary, and his colleague at Clarence House, Clive Alderton, stayed up on Sunday evening to watch the program while other staff, including the Duke of Cambridge’s household, watched from home on their laptops. They were ahead of the curve but the Queen wisely decided this was no time for rush. Instead, we have these 61 words that Meghan and Harry are essentially leave any clarification, no doubt the Sussexes considered it honorable when they refused to name the person who made the comments likely the color of her children’s skin. You probably saw Philip and the Queen be exonerated in the same way. In fact, they put everyone else under a cloud of suspicion, leading to this statement from the palace. Expect a spate of anonymous briefings over the next few days, picking holes and magnifying inconsistencies and contradictions in the Sussexes’ claims against Oprah. In the meantime, we can be sure that the Royals will stick to one of their other maxims: “Keep calm and carry on.” In the service of a calming continuity that is not seen much here, the schedules have been limited to Tuesday. Prince William called an NHS hospital for support. Prince Charles valiantly ventured into the outside world on Tuesday, and the topic of diversity was clearly on his mind. While visiting a vaccination center, he was talking to a woman in line who said she was from Nigeria. He said to her, “Oh fantastic, yes I was there. Many different ethnic groups. Give them my best regards next time you speak to them. “It was an absurd, tin-eared comment and if he were the CEO of a private company, shareholders would be looking for his head after last week’s events. But that’s the point. Meghan may call the monarchy “The Firm”, but it is none of their business. It is a huge sinecure, backed up by the two pillars of vast land holdings and the unwritten British Constitution. The monarchy is not accountable in any meaningful way. Sometimes they pretend to be; for example, pay a little income tax while maintaining the much more valuable death duty exemption. The Palace has always appreciated taking slow action and their energetic response today is likely or has been directed by the British public who, after the interview, are different and much more critical of Meghan and Harry than the Americans. Around a third of people (36%) in a YouGov poll after the documentary reported that their sympathies are mostly with the queen and the royal household (2 points less than before the interview), while 22% of people (plus four Points more than before the documentary) say they have more sympathy for Harry and Meghan. Over a quarter (28%) have no empathy for any of the royal camps. The age difference is the big difference: younger people are for Harry and Meghan, and older people are for the queen. Lots of people hate Piers Morgan’s violent anti-Meghan abuse (which has now resulted in him leaving ITV), but some Britons – especially the elderly – identify closely with the monarchy and, strange as it may seem, have that Claims by Harry and Meghan that they are racist, personally offended. National support for the queen – and indeed the often-maligned “institution” – is the big difference between now and 1997, and perhaps the key to why the royal family, at least now, is encouraged not to be pressured into or say something to do with which she is not comfortable. Whatever has been said since the Oprah interview, whatever the feverish opinions on TV and online, the palace seems focused on doing things its own way. Harry and Meghan, the Queen seems to be saying it’s up to you. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories to your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.