Diabetes therapy invoice to be launched in upcoming session


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Modeled on a Bill from Connecticut Legislature, House of Delegates Barbara Evans Fleischauer and Matt Rohrbach plan in the 2021 session to endorse legislation that would reduce co-payments for supplies, equipment and non-insulin drugs used to treat Diabetes limited.

Barbara Fleischauer

“This bill, passed in Connecticut, limits the price of supplies and equipment to $ 100 a month and non-insulin drugs,” said Fleischauer, D-Monongalia, recently.

Blood glucose meters can help people with diabetes monitor blood sugar levels. Some sufferers may need the type of monitor that collects real-time data for better control of blood sugar levels. In addition, some people with type 2 diabetes need non-insulin drugs, such as Trulicity, to effectively treat their condition.

“It’s called a continuous glucose monitor. Like every five minutes, you can have a pump that gives you the right amount of insulin,” Fleischauer said.

State data shows that 15% of adults in West Virginia have diabetes, the second highest rate in the country. Delegate Fleischauer: “In the past, those diagnosed in childhood did not survive their teenage years. Newer appliances and equipment, if families can afford it, mean their lives will not be cut short. “

Matthew Rohrbach

Fleischauer said it should happen in West Virginia, which has the highest death rate and one of the lowest annual income rates in the country.

Delegate Rohrbach, R-Cabell, agreed.

“One of my constituents with adequate insurance just spent over $ 2,000 on a pump for her son that is linked to her phone, phone, and glucometer,” Rohrbach said. “The family pays $ 422 every 90 days for additional supplies on top of the insulin bill. These types of devices can make a huge difference in both the quality and length of people’s lives. “

After a bus caravan traveled from West Virginians to Canada to buy cheaper insulin, West Virginia legislation passed HB 4543 in 2020, capping co-pays for insulin to $ 100 per month in plans under the law fall from West Virginia.

This year’s regular 60-day legislative period begins on Wednesday.

“We need people who are involved in every district in our country,” said Fleischauer. “To tell your lawmakers that this legislation could really help you or a family member.”