Diabetes therapy start-up funding spherical takes whole capital to £3.6m – Med-Tech Innovation


UK-based digital health start-up Quin has just completed its final fundraising round and has raised total capital to date at £ 3.6m. The Quin app provides personalized diabetes management information for people who take insulin to control their blood sugar levels.

Quin was founded by women and led by Cyndi Williams. It provides personalized, continuous, data-driven support for insulin dosage decisions based on behavioral and physiological factors. It has had over 10,000 downloads in the UK and Ireland.

People with type 1 diabetes make around 180 decisions a day, weighing a wide variety of factors that affect their health. This number of decisions, made without support, can cause significant stress and even mental health difficulties. A 2018 report by the All-Party Group on Diabetes found that 42% of people with type 1 diabetes suffer from increased exposure. The results of the app’s beta tests show that 84% of users had better health outcomes or a better quality of life, or both.

Cyndi Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of Quin, said, “I’m so proud of the progress we’ve made at Quin and grateful to have such a brilliant team and network of investors backing us. As a UK healthcare technician, that’s something . ” Start-up to raise this type of funding that works remotely during a pandemic. This shows the belief that investors – like us at Quin – have the potential of personalized digital health apps to transform the lives of people with long-term health conditions.We have a lot to do in the next 12 months, and these new resources give us the freedom to achieve this. “

Quin is available for download from the App Store for iPhone users with type 1 diabetes. The Quin app is best for people who use insulin pens and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). However, it can be used by pen users without CGM. This makes them a solution for most people with type 1 diabetes. The app is currently limited to the UK and Ireland app stores. However, the company plans global availability this year.