Diet Month: Specialists checklist diet wants from 20s to 50s


MANILA, Philippines — Aging is inevitable, but it can be less stressful to deal with when one takes good care of the body early on in life.

Observing a balanced diet and living an active lifestyle have always been recommended as among the ways to alleviate the effects of aging in the body. There are, however, health concerns related to aging when a body reaches a certain age.

In time for Nutrition Month this July, Susan Bowerman, Herbalife Nutrition Senior Director for Worldwide Nutrition, Education and Training, and Laura Chacon-Garbato, Chairwoman of the Outer Nutrition Advisory Board, shared at a recent Herbalife Nutrition E-Wellness Tour how eating habits and lifestyle choices can affect the body and skin.

The E-Wellness Tour is a monthly event presented by Herbalife Nutrition Philippines with the aim of imparting nutrition education to the public through a forum with health and nutrition experts and members of the media.

Bowerman and Garbato discussed the challenges that people face in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s and offered solutions on how to best address their inner and outer nutrition needs.

“When we talk about nutrition from the inside, we talk about how diet impacts every part of your body — every organ and every cell. Everything you eat also ends up on your skin. This is why we wanted to have this inside-out approach and talk about it from both angles. You can’t have one without the other,” Bowerman said.

Establish healthy habits in your 20s

While it may be challenging for people to start practicing healthy habits in their 20s as they begin to socialize and eat out more, it is important to keep in mind that eating habits at this age may affect their health in later years.

1. Consume more calcium and iron.

According to Bowerman, it is at this age that one should start consuming more calcium and iron.

“In your 20s, you still have the ability to put down some bone mass. You continue to accumulate bone mass until in your mid to late 20s, so getting enough calcium at this time is critically important. Iron is also important, especially for women,” she advised.

2. No to crash dieting.

Bowerman reiterated what has often been advised by nutrionists — crash dieting is never the solution. She also added to take particular note of one’s alcohol calorie intake. So be easy on those late-night “e-numan” sessions even if you’re only at home chilling.

3. Prevention will always be better than cure.

The experts could not emphasize this enough, and Garbato reiterated this especially when it comes to skin’s health.

“When you’re younger, you tend to indulge a lot more. We need to remember that diet can impact the way the skin looks. There are also hormonal changes happening in the body, so there’s an excess production of oil. It’s an adjustment period for a lot of people, and lifestyle habits can really impact the way the skin looks,” Garbato said.

She also thinks it is best to establish good self-care habits this early.

Eat nutritious meals and exercise regularly in your 30s

Work and family life can get in the way for most in their 30s. It’s a tough act to balance between preparing balanced meals and exercise. This can result in putting off exercising that can result in unwanted weight issues. This could be a problem as metabolism issues tend to be problematic at this age.

1. Be more conscientious with eating habits and regular exercise.

To stay healthy, Bowerman recommended that people in their 30s make sure that they eat regular, healthy  meals and snacks. Getting organized and stocking up on nutritious staples in their homes and setting aside time for exercise will also help.

2. Observe stricter self-care routine.

Signs of aging start to manifest in your skin in your 30s as the hormone levels start to decrease. Stress, changes in nutrition, and lack of sleep can also have adverse effects on the skin.

“In our 30s, we should make sure that we’re masking, exfoliating, hydrating, and using that eye cream,” Garbato pointed out.

Re-establish your health habits in your 40s

It’s all about keeping tabs and maintaining what you’ve been doing for the last two decades of your life.

1. Challenge your body, watch your calories, and pay close attention to your muscle mass.

Yes, complacency should not be observed. Like challenging your mind, it also helps to challenge the body.

“If you don’t challenge your body or change your routine at all, your body doesn’t really continue to grow or develop because it becomes used to that same routine all the time,” Bowerman said.

She added that at this age, people should watch their calories — how much they take in and how much they expend. It is also important that they pay more attention to their muscle mass.

2. More signs of aging occur, thus, there is need for more vigilance in self-care habits.

If in your 30s you’ve been looking out for the early signs of aging, then the 40s would have even more with fine lines, dryness, sunspots, and loss of firmness starting to appear.

To counter these, Garbato said you need to re-evaluate your  diet and exercise.

Practice diligence and focus in your 50s

1. Eat more nutrient-dense foods and get plenty of calcium.

These are measures to counter the growing list of health-related concerns. People in this age group should also learn to control stress eating as their muscle mass start to decline and their calorie requirements drop.  

2. Observe a strict daily skincare regimen.

With the skin starting to show all signs of aging, this tip goes without saying how important the earlier recommendations mentioned. As an added emphasis, moisturizing day and night is crucial.


These are all sound pieces of advice that have essentially been written about countless times. Both Garbato and Bowerman reiterated these tried-and-tested tips for those who wish to live their latter years with their bodies and skin in optimal condition as much as possible.

“Try to eat fruit or vegetable with every meal. It’s an easy rule to live by,” Bowerman suggested.

Garbato said it’s all about consistency.

“Make sure that you are consistent with your self-care. Consistency is going to help you get through the different stages of your life and it’s going to help you age gracefully.”

Must-haves for any age

Shop and share the gift of care


As Filipinos navigate through the extended impact of the pandemic, the need for care is at an all-time high. Whether it’s self-care at an individual level or the rise of community pantries
inspiring the nation to show care at a collective level, there’s no denying that every act of care goes a long way in helping Filipinos power through the toughest of times.

With this in mind, Unilever joins forces with Lazada yet again to unite Filipinos together for the fourth consecutive year of their Shop2Give Super Brand Day Sale happening this July 2. Titled “Shop2Give Care,” this year’s installment aims to further ignite the spirit of caring by bringing forward the season of giving, with the earliest celebration of Christmas to date.

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UNICEF has been a long-standing partner of both Lazada and Unilever. “We at UNICEF are grateful to Unilever and Lazada for their continuous support by giving more Filipino children the opportunity to have brighter futures,” Isy Faingold, Chief of Education of UNICEF Philippines, remarked. “COVID-19 has created a major disruption in the education system in the Philippines, most especially in early childhood education. The funds raised from this campaign will provide educational supplies for the youngest children and will support their parents and caregivers to conduct home-based development and learning activities with a focus in the most disadvantaged areas.”

A new addition to the Shop2Give campaign is its commitment to extend care for communities in partnership with Gawad Kalinga. In line with their thrust to help alleviate poverty in the
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Keep a ‘radiance’ routine



Vast options on skincare products fill up the aisles of beauty and drugstores today, which make it even harder for skincare neophytes to decipher a proper skincare routine that will work on their skin. With this ongoing dilemma on the process of choosing the right products, building a routine now becomes a much more complicated and confusing experience for skinthusiasts. 

Ultimately, the best way to establish a skincare routine is by seeking the help of a trusted Dermatologist. With the rise of DIY skin treatments, as well as different skincare trends online, skinthusiasts should always be #BrightAboutSkin by only trusting products and ingredients Dermatologists constantly recommend, as these recommendations greatly impact their overall skincare journey. 

Cetaphil ihas always been known for its gentle yet effective ingredients, suitable even for sensitive skin. This signature effect on the skin has been translated to Bright Healthy Radiance, a new line of products that gently brightens skin to bring out one’s inner radiance and even skin tone. The new line is formulated with GentleBright Technology, a combination of Sea Daffodil and Niacinamide that visibly corrects dark spots without irritation, boosts brightness, and evens skin tone in four weeks.

Niacinamide and Sea Daffodil are known for its powerful brightening effect on the skin and having multi-benefits when used consistently.  With the aim of helping skinthusiasts with their skincare journey, Bright Healthy Radiance offers products that cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect skin, which ultimately makes up a complete radiance routine. Below are some tips on how you can maximize your very own radiance routine:

1. Include the cleanser both in your A.M. and P.M. routines. There’s a misconception on when you should use a cleanser, but it’s always recommended to have this as your first step for both daytime and nighttime routine. The Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser helps remove dead skin cells released by your skin overnight, and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, giving your skin a clean slate to repair itself naturally during sleep. 

2. Use lukewarm water when cleansing. Water is an underrated yet important part of your skincare routine, as it helps you with your overall skin health. When cleansing, it’s recommended to use lukewarm water to help effectively remove dirt and balance your natural skin oils appropriately. 

3. Treat neck as an extension of the face. As with the common practice of applying and blending makeup into the neck, this should also be done when you’re doing your routine. Show your neck the same care as the skin on your face, especially when using Brightening Day Protection Cream SPF15 and Brightening Night Comfort Cream to achieve brighter and even results. 

The Bright Healthy Radiance line is now available in Mercury Drug and Watsons stores and supermarkets nationwide and at the official Cetaphil Philippines stores in Lazada and Shopee.  

Prevent nerve damage


Pamamanhid, tusok-tusok, and pangangalay.  If you’ve experienced any of these, you’re not alone. 99% of Filipinos in Metro Manila also experience at least one of the three common symptoms of nerve damage or neuropathy. 

These were the startling findings from a 2020 consumer study conducted by P&G Health among 240 Filipinos in Metro Manila aged 35 to 65 years old on the symptoms of neuropathy. The survey also revealed that seven out of ten respondents did not know what neuropathy was, and were more familiar with its common name, nerve damage. 

Neuropathy is a clinical condition where there is damage to the nerves caused by deficiency of B vitamins. It is most common among those who perform repetitive movements for a prolonged period, and put stress on their arms, hands, legs, or feet. It is also frequent among those with diabetes and other degenerative diseases. Genetics and lifestyle could be predisposing factors.

Majority of respondents started experiencing the symptoms of neuropathy between 36 to 40 years old. Around 94% felt pangangalay or muscle weakness, 90% had that tusok-tusok sensation or tingling, 94% had pamamanhid or numbness on their hands and feet, while 85% experienced all three. 

Most of the respondents who had their fair share of the symptoms dismissed these, thinking that these were caused just by tiredness or being overworked. 

To relieve their symptoms, most of them did stretching exercises, went for a massage, or took a pill, usually painkillers. Some of them even explored home remedies such as drinking herbal teas. However, 90% of the respondents said that none of what they tried stopped the recurrence of symptoms. There were also those who tried generic B-vitamins, but only 51% said it helped in resolving the discomforts they feel. 

Without relief for their symptoms, the respondents had difficulty doing tasks at home, simple chores became much harder to do, and their performance at work were even affected.

This emphasizes the importance of early detection and diagnosis of neuropathy. Under normal conditions, nerves repair naturally through nerve regeneration (Hoke, 2011). However, this is only possible if less than 50% of the fibers of the nerve tissue is damaged. Otherwise, this is called “point of no return” by experts.

Thankfully, neuropathy or nerve damage symptoms can be handled by consulting medical experts and knowing which products work best in stopping the recurrence of the discomforts it brings. In the study conducted, respondents were also asked if they have tried Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion), and 76% of those who have tried using it said that it was helpful in resolving the symptoms they experience.

Clinically proven Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion) helps relieve nerve damage and regenerate the nerves. Through the years, Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion) has been promoting nerve care awareness among Filipinos. Its goal is to help Filipinos protect their nerves and have the #NerveToServe so they can continue caring for themselves and for others. 

Hold on with a smile


The pandemic has drastically changed our everyday lives. For a lot of Filipinos it created difficult situations and challenges that we never prepared for. However, throughout the lockdowns, the quarantines, and the uncertainty; Filipinos have this uncanny ability to smile even in the most difficult of situations. The truest testament of Filipino resilience is the inspiring power of a simple smile, because it’s an uplifting beacon that tells other people “we can get through this together” that no matter how hard or daunting things may be #KapitLangAngSmile. 

This is true as well for denture-wearers. Polident celebrates Pustiso Care Month, highlighting denture-wearers who do their best to stay positive amid the challenges of the pandemic. Its line of products is designed to help them keep their smile on, no matter what, such as the Polident Denture Cleanser and the Denture Adhesive.

To keep flashing that smile, the brand is reminding denture-wearers that it is important to wear your dentures everyday as your teeth run the risk of shifting, causing your dentures to no longer fit. Other problems of prolonged lack of use include, dentures drying out and deforming if they are not properly soaked. Polident is the leading denture care brand, and has all the necessary products to care for and maintain false teeth. 

One of its key products is the Denture Adhesive, a cream that holds dentures (pustiso) in place. It can secure dentures up to 12 hours, giving wearers confidence to face the day. The adhesive also helps seal out food so it doesn’t get stuck in between teeth while chewing. The Fresh Mint variant gives that clean feeling, while Flavor Free is perfect for those who don’t want it to interfere with the taste of food.

It is also important to clean dentures the right way to prolong their life. Dentures are softer than real teeth so they require special care. Brushing with toothpaste may scratch the surface, leading to bacteria growth. A daily cleaning routine is essential, since food particles and plaque stick to dentures the same way they do to teeth. There are numerous cleaning products available in the market, including soaking solutions, creams, and cleansers.

The Denture Cleanser is a soak that cleans dentures, retainers and mouth guards. It contains four powerful ingredients that kill 99.9% of bacteria and remove plaques and stains. The dleanser kills 10 times more bacteria than regular toothpaste, so wearers can feel and smell fresh all day. This comes in two variants: a three-minute cleanser for those on the go, and a whitening solution for that dazzling smile.

Soaking keeps dentures clean, especially when a mild denture cleaning solution is added to the water.  This also removes particles in between teeth that bristles cannot reach.

Nutritious snacks for young, young-at-heart

It is never too early to get your kids eating healthy. Of course, that is easier said than done for a generation of children weaned on fast-food and junk food. But that’s not to say you should just give up. On the contrary, you should strive all the more to introduce your bundles of joy to healthy treats. One of the secrets to doing that is by getting creative with the snacks you give your kids, so they can enjoy snack time and get nutritional benefits at the same time.

Photo release


One of Europe’s leading biscuit manufacturers, Gullón is renowned for its crackling tasty treats, from its choco-flavored Dibus Sharkies crackers to its savory fish-shaped Mini-Fish biscuits. The crackers also have nutritive value as a serving of it will give your kids 6 grams of protein and 2.3 grams of fiber. Protein, of course, is vital to your kids’ growth and development. Fiber, on the other hand, is essential in ensuring a healthy digestive system. Gullón products also contain mono-unsaturated fats, which help increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol.

While kids can enjoy the crackers as they are, they can love snack time even more if you mix things up and serve the crackers in different ways. Here are some ideas:

  1. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make sure you are serving your kids something tasty but healthy, like a cereal upgraded with a serving of Dibus Sharkies. Let a handful of Sharkies swim in a bowl of cold fresh milk and you can level things up even more by adding mini slices of fruits such as apples and strawberries. The result is a mouthwatering treat rich in vitamins and minerals that your kids will surely love. 
  2. Apart from milk, chocolate is the best match for biscuits, like Mini Fish. Drizzle some syrupy melted chocolate on a plate of Mini Fish and watch your kids devour every piece with utmost delight! Where possible, try dark chocolate as it can give your kids essential trace minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and copper.
  3. Cinnamon’s taste is an eclectic mix of sweet and spicy with a citrusy touch, and it is guaranteed to tickle your kids’ discerning taste buds. Just sprinkle cinnamon powder on a serving of Gullón Mini Mix and see your kids’ taste palate expand—all while getting traces of calcium, vitamin A, and potassium from the cinnamon.
  4. Another creative way of serving crackers, this time Mini Crackers, is by pairing it with a fancy yet healthy spread. Avocado is a superfood, and it goes well with bread and biscuits. So, make your kids a Gullón mini cracker sandwich with avocado as a filling. This combo will help give your kids plenty of vitamins C, E, K; magnesium and potassium; and B vitamins.

Complement snack time with drinks like Fruit Me Up, which is contained in a sanitary aluminum pouch with a convenient anti-skid cap, which means kids can take it anywhere, and eat it at any time or even when on the go. It is available in the following combinations: Apple Banana, Mango Banana Passion, Strawberry Pink Guava (with pink guava that is grown in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam); and Soursop Apple.

The Apple Banana combination is full of fiber and potassium thanks to the bananas. It is also rich in vitamin C from the apples. Likewise, the Soursop Apple mix is high in vitamin C and fiber, too, as apples and soursop are popular sources of both nutrients. The Mango Banana Passion blend, on the other hand, is an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants that are guaranteed to boost your kids’ immune system. The Strawberry Pink Guava combo, meanwhile, is full of antioxidants as well, and will help improve your kids’ eyesight and enhance their memory. This flavor is also rich in potassium, which ensures optimum cardiovascular health for your young ones.

Gullón crackers, Dibus Sharkies and Fruit Me Up are distributed in the Philippines by Dygen Food Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Dyna Drug Corporation and available at

It is never too early to get kids into the healthy lifestyle.